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Homeopathic Anxiety Relief

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which treatment is better – allopathy or homeopathy for Ocd?

i have Ocd from a lot of years. i took allopathy treatment for many years.i found some relief. then dropped. now some Symptoms of OCD raise again, memory loss and hairfall occurs. stummering from i am taking homeopathic Treatment For Ocd and stummering, hairfall since 3 months. but no found any relief.
should i take homeopathic Treatment For Ocd and Anxiety. or move to allopathy treatment again or both. please suggest.

Start with base ocd reasons. In most of the cases i have seen it happens in families whare all the gadgets, money and everything is available but no time for a son/daughter or beginninggening you have been mentally captured by the other people, you have no freedom of thoughts, in these cases one of two problemaccrueoccure either thyroid or ocd.
Alopathic treatment means supprenervesnurves so that you do not think again and again and remain as brain dead almost, increasing medicine year after yearIndiao idia of homoeopathy.
Ayurveda is the only world’s first & oldest medical science on earth Everybody knows that India gave 0 (zero) to world without which no science would have developed, and few people know that India introduced Suchi Vedh (Scientist Sushruta) injection system and Shalya Chikitsa (Scientist Sushruta) plastic surgery to the world. Now all people named Ayurveda the alternative medicine but for me it is Ultimate Medicine. In my 23 years experience i have seen patients who have tried & tested everything and then came to me.
Relating to brain & nuro science it is called Bhoot Vidya (not ghost) past science, what has happened and caused a problem in the brain.
The treatment in Ayurveda is first rejuvenating the organ responsible for problem with a little medicine to control the Symptoms.
Suppressing and pressing symptoms down is not called treatment like in allopathy which says you have to take medicine for whole life i.e. arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
You are the best judge, tranalyzenalizdecidedeside. Make yourself comfortable and ask yourself do you wish to depend on medicines or you wish to come out of all the mess and then start, fix a dateconsentoncent of your doctor that within this period you are going to be healthy and will require no medicine to live.
Best of luck

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Anxiety Scale

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anxiety scale
Hospital Anxiety And Depression scale (HADS)?

Does anyone know how accurate this questionnaire is? As i had to fill it in when at occupational health the other day and my score was 17 for Anxiety (severe) and 12 for Depression (moderate) Whilst i feel anxious i don’t feel depressed, however i am aware that treatment is more effective when treated early. I was taking antidepressants for over 2 years and stopped only 3 months ago, i am now unsure whether to see my GP or not.

I don’t believe you can put a number on anxiety,you can say its,low,a little higher than before or to the state of deep depression.
If you are worried,go see your doctor and explain everything.
No tablets help non stop full time,they can help at first,maybe about 3 months,then they get used to the body and stop working.
But worry about anything can cause you anxiety,and then a lot of doctors say its depression.
I know that as I was Suffering From Anxiety years ago,and they said its Depression And gave me tablets.
But the best cure is helping yourself.
I live alone,can hardly breath due to lung problems through smoking a lot of years.
But I help myself to cope,yes I get bad days,everyone does.
But helping yourself is like saying I will feel better every day.
Its like that cosmic power I often use.
Posative thoughts make you better,so type out on your computer/laptop.
Every day I feel better.Say or think it 3 or more times a day,and it does tell your brain you want to be happy in every way possible.

Thomas Giles – Hamilton Anxiety Scale

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Coping Anxiety

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coping anxiety

Coping with Anxiety Is a difficult and frustrating problem: some rock solid tips to getting back on track

Living in today’s hectic world is enough to produce Anxiety in the most mellow of souls. People who tend to be nervous and the worrying sort are far more vulnerable to anxiety. Even when things are going just fine, we can always find a situation that invites stress and worry. Some of us are just prone to anxious feelings. If you’re that type, you know that coping with Anxiety Is no fun at all.

Anxiety is a natural product of the flight or fight syndrome. When you feel there is some threat or imminent danger, your body responds with a rush of adrenalin to meet the challenge.

However, with all the real worries each of us has to deal with every day, it’s easy to get caught up in a vicious circle of anxiety. While it’s unfortunate that we must endure problems our grandparents didn’t experience on an hourly or daily basis, coping With Anxiety is a reality. In today’s world, it’s necessary to come up with solutions that free us from the chronic Anxiety Syndrome. Here we’ve got some answers.

Your first step is to determine what sort of events and problems trigger your anxiety. Keep a little notebook in which to jot down notes of what types of situations get your adrenalin racing. Remember that nothing is too silly! Anxiety can be triggered by something as simple as too much coffee. That caffeine is a stimulant and may set your blood racing, right along with your mind. Those nagging thoughts, such as making ends meet next week, or just having too much on your plate, get right in your face. You soon find yourself unable to concentrate on the task at hand. Anxiety sets in and can easily get out of control. If you tend to procrastinate, putting things off to the last minute, you might panic, wondering how you’re going to squeeze in that must-do task into your schedule today. Finding out what your triggers are is the first step to coping With Anxiety effectively.

You’ll soon enough see a pattern in the life events that bring on anxiety Symptoms. Once you’ve determined the main sources of your anxiety, you can start eliminating such situations. Drink less coffee, or opt for decaf. Get your budget in good order. If you anticipate a problem in meeting financial obligations, make alternate arrangements ahead of that due date. If that’s not possible, accept that you can only do your best. If you’re the perennial procrastinator, recognize the problem and retrain yourself.

Sometimes, Dealing With Anxiety is not quite so simple. If you experienced traumatic events during your childhood, the effects can linger on into adulthood, resulting in Chronic Anxiety. In this case, you might want to get some professional counseling to help you discover effective ways of coping with Anxiety On a psychological level. Working through anxiety produced by past events can allow you to eventually put those events behind you. During this process, your doctor may prescribe medications to control Anxiety Attacks.

There are also many practical steps you can take each day in coping with Anxiety On an ongoing basis. For Severe Anxiety attacks, try breathing into a paper bag, slowly and evenly, inhaling and exhaling. This prevents Hyperventilating, a main culprit in escalating Anxiety Attacks. Your notebook is useful here too. When you start feeling anxious, stop what you’re doing and go for a brief, but brisk walk. Put your immediate worries out of your mind and focus on your surroundings, taking deep breaths. Stretching exercises can relieve muscle Tension And Anxiety. No matter how tight your schedule may be, make time for yourself to truly relax every day. Vow to set aside your worries during this period!

Coping With Anxiety is difficult, but doable. It’s a matter of identifying, refocusing and changing ingrained habits that trigger your anxiety.

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Coping With Anxiety

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