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Anxiety Symptoms

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Side Effects Of Anxiety Disorder

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side effects of anxiety disorder

Treatment For General Anxiety Disorder

General Anxiety Disorder is a condition where a person suffers chronic Levels Of Anxiety over an extended period of at least 6 months. Millions of people around the world suffer from Gad with serious effects on their lives, so you aren’t alone if you’re a victim too. The good news is that your General Anxiety Disorder is treatable. Here, you’ll discover your treatment options.

First, though, you need to be aware of the following: you need to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor. If you’ve been suffering with the Symptoms of anxiety for a short time, they could be the signs of some other condition. If you’ve been suffering alone for 6 months or more then it’s likely that you have General Anxiety Disorder. In either case you MUST seek professional advice.

What Is General Anxiety DISORDER?

Gad sufferers have unrelenting Worry And Anxiety. Everybody worries about things everyday, but GAD victims take it to another level completely. Everyday things, issues and events, that most folks handle without obsessively worrying about them, become major issues for someone with general anxiety disorder. They constantly worry about things, the seriousness of which is way out of proportion to their reaction to them.

This constant state of anxiety becomes so severe that it can seriously affect some sufferers’ ability to function on a daily basis. Social gatherings and the workplace, for example, become very difficult for them to cope with. Others (the majority) seem to be able to cope in the main, but, they still suffer Severe Anxiety whilst doing it, so that it can affect their work and relationships.

Symptoms Of General Anxiety DISORDER

Not every sufferer exhibits the same symptoms, but typical of the range of general Anxiety Disorder Symptoms are; poor concentration, irritability, sleeping difficulties, inability to shake off anxious thoughts, fear of rejection, fear of losing control / composure, inability to relax, etc.

There are also Physical Symptoms Of Gad which include stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, tense / aching muscles, almost constant fatigue, having the jitters, restlessness, etc.

Treatment For General Anxiety Disorder USING DRUGS

Your doctor will most probably prescribe anti-Anxiety Drugs or antidepressants to control the psychological symptoms and perhaps beta blockers to control the Physical Symptoms.

Antidepressants are used to influence neurotransmitters in the brain which play a role in GAD. Examples of the drugs are Prozac, Zoloft, Tofranil and Lexapro.

Anti-Anxiety Drugs such as benzodiazapines are generally only used for short term symptom relief since they have some severe side effects like poor muscle coordination, drowsiness, memory problems and balance / steadiness problems. They can also be habit-forming. Typical are Valium, Ativan, Librium and Xanax.

Buspirone (BuSpar) doesn’t have the serious side effects of benzodiazapines such as tolerance and dependency. It’s therefore used in chronic Anxiety Sufferers and those who already have had the course of benzodiazapines but have relapsed.

Because drugs are more of a short-term treatment to relieve the Symptoms Of Gad and because of their side effects, more people are seeking natural ways to treat their general anxiety disorder. Another reason is that drugs can help manage your ‘mood’, but they can’t ‘cure’ the underlying problem that helps perpetuate your anxiety and that is your ‘fear’.

ALTERNATIVE Treatment For General Anxiety Disorder

One of the most effective, if not the most effective, is cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (GBT) where you work together with a trained therapist to change your thought (cognitive) and behavior patterns in order to break the link between your feelings and the symptoms of GAD.

There are also several other non-drug therapies such as self-hypnosis, counselling, meditation and even acupuncture has been used to good effect.

Biofeedback uses electronic equipment to measure and display back to you, your physiological activity. By doing whatever it takes to improve your displayed physiological activity, you are learning how to relax and lower tension and stress. You expand your awareness and increase control of your body.


In terms of self-help there are things like regular exercise, a healthy diet, more adequate sleep, cutting out large consumption of alcohol and caffeine, etc. These are just some of the lifestyle changes that can prove effective. There are also self-help techniques to eliminate your fear of Anxiety And Panic attacks.

John Cielo researches and writes on treatment for general anxiety disorder. To discover the simple ONE MOVE technique that will eliminate your fear factor and so break your vicious cycle of anxiety at last, go here now and prepare to get your old self back again.

About the Author

The author constantly researches health issues then writes reports on his findings so that you are perhaps more aware of the facts, and then, better able to make an informed decision on your choice of treatment and cure. Remember to always consult your doctor first. Please go here for more.

Side Effects of Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety Chest Pains

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anxiety chest pains

Causes and Home Remedies for Chest Pain

Chest pain is an imprecise term. It is often used to describe any pain, pressure, squeezing, choking, numbness or any other discomfort in the chest, neck, or upper abdomen, and is often associated with pain in the jaw, head, or arms. It can last from less than a second to days or weeks, can occur frequently or rarely, and can occur sporadically or predictably. With such a broad definition, you can see why the term “chest pain” is itself of little help to doctors.

It is important to keep in mind that chest pain is merely a symptom, not a diagnosis. And because it can be a symptom of anything from a catastrophic to a trivial medical problem, when a person experiences chest pain it is important to try to characterize that pain as rapidly as possible as being either completely benign, or possibly significant.

Causes Chest Pain in Women

Usually, a stress test is used in order to diagnose coronary heart diseases successfully in women. In most cases, this test will have positive results making it easier for physicians to point out to an existence of coronary heart disease, but tests like angiograms don’t necessarily provide any significant result. Many researches have pointed out however that in most cases, chest pain can be a sign of microvascular dysfunction or even endothelial dysfunction.

Chest pain may be a symptom of microvascular dysfunction since this condition refers to blood vessels that do not dilate and constrict in a normal manner. Since not enough blood is being supplied to the heart chest pain may occur. When a person has endothelial dysfunction however, this means that the cells lining the interior of the blood vessel are no longer able to function normally.

There are other conditions which start out as the simple appearance of chest pain however. These conditions may include mitral prolapse, mitral slenosis, vulvular heart disease, angina, among others. Also chest pain can also be caused by the condition referred to as pulmonary embolism, wherein blood clots develop in major blood vessels, impeding the normal flow of blood to the lungs. Stress And Anxiety are also common reasons for chest pain in women, but other conditions include Pneumothorax and esophageal reflux.

Here are some home remedies for chest pain.

Garlic Garlic has traditionally been used by Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as a medication for several illnesses. Garlic contains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C. Traces of iodine, sulfur and chlorine can also be found in garlic.

Garlic is effective in treating chest diseases such as tuberculosis and arteriosclerosis. Garlic is usually added with milk and poses the power to reduce the spasm of the small arteries, which eases pressure. It also slows the pulse and alters the heart’s rhythm. It also provides relief from Symptoms like dizziness, shortness of breath and gas formation. Garlic can also help prevent heart attacks by breaking up cholesterol within blood vessels. Thus, garlic is one of the many effective home remedies for chest pain.

Basil Within the list of home remedies for chest pain, basil is considered yet another effective one. Basil not only enhances the taste of your favorite dish, but also provides many health benefits. It works like medications such as aspirin to block cyclooxygenase and provide an anti-inflammatory effect. They also provide a great amount of vitamin A. This prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood stream and the buildup of cholesterol in the vessels. Magnesium found in basil enhances blood flow by aiding the heart and blood vessels to relax.

Find powerful herbal remedies Heart Problems

Alfalfa Juice extracted from alfalfa makes a good home remedy for chest pain as it contains significant amounts of chlorophyll that would help manage many lung related diseases. They also help soften arteries and reduce the chances of cardiac chest pain.

Hibiscus tea Hibiscus tea is a traditional tea that is rich in vitamin C and minerals. It helps control cholesterol and decreases the risk of heart diseases. It also lowers hypertension and prevents other chest problems and cold. The antioxidants found in this tea help decrease the amounts of fat that accumulates in the arteries, reducing the risk of heart diseases and chest pain.

Meditation Meditation is a one of the greatest home remedies for chest pain as it helps enhance the health of the entire body by increasing our general blood flow. This helps slows our heart rate and reduces chest pains. It also allows you to relax deeply. It is great for those with high blood pressure by helping them manage their blood pressure and alleviate chest pain. It reduces the level of blood lactate and reduces the occurrence of Anxiety Attacks. Meditation is regarded as a great home remedy for chest pain as it allows you to relax your mind, a powerful tool that determines our living style. It helps manage our stress level and thus reduces chest pains that result from stress and heart related disorders. It also reduces the chest pain that occurs from infections as meditation is also known to improve our overall immune system.

There are many home remedies such as these five home remedies for chest pain that everyone could include in their daily lives. These remedies can help them prevent and manage chest pain. However, you must remember that when chest pain occurs, it is important to neither panic nor take it too lightly. In some cases, slight chest pain could merely be a result of gas formation or something minor. It is important to remember that chest pain does not at all times indicate a heart attack. Thus it is important to not panic. It is just as important to get quick medical attention if you suspect a bigger problem.

About the Author

Also read about Healthy Heart
Herbal Tea for Heart or

Chest Pain in Anxiety & Panic Attacks by Charles Linden

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Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

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reduce anxiety symptoms

Common Anxiety Symptoms In Children – 3 Best Tips on Treating Anxiety in Children’s Forever

Anxiety Is not a thing to be worried about generally; however when it reaches a level when things go out of your control and you keep feeling depressed for a continuous time, then it is time to consider this an ‘Anxiety Disorder’.

And, dealing with Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attack (result of this disorder) is not easy at all. And, nowadays there are many cases of anxiety reported in children of different age groups. There can be many reasons that a child develops anxiety and the affects of this disorder can be very severe at this tender age. When even the adults find it hard to cope with it, you can understand how hard it would be for a child to deal with it. Kids develop phobia for many different things and the fear always disturb them.

Click here to view Exact Technique to cure Anxiety In Children’s forever.

Common Anxiety Symptoms In Children

  1. They avoid going anywhere alone.
  2. They deny going to school
  3. They deny group participation
  4. Refuse to stay alone at home
  5. They mostly follow the parents around
  6. They do not sleep alone
  7. They experience nightmares about separation from loved ones
  8. They stand motionless without any expressions. Sometimes they twirl hair and avoid eye contact and stand alone in corner
  9. They get anxious when they are at an uncomfortable place

Apart from the above, there can be many other Children Anxiety symptoms.

Now, let’s talk about

Natural Treatment of Anxiety In Children

#1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This therapy works by treating the anxious thoughts and feelings that are a result of Depression And stress. It involves different ways to reduce maladaptive behavior due to any reason. The main focus is on modifying the negative emotions, thoughts and fear that a child develops in their mind. It works to cure permanently.

#2. Biofeedback – This is a non-medical process and it works by measuring the quantifiable bodily functions like brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, skin temperature, sweat gland activity etc. The objective of this process is to raise patient’s awareness about the different things running into their mind and having a control over the functions.

#3. Family Therapy – This is a very effective way. It is a part of the ‘Psychotherapy’. It works with families and couples with the main focus on nurturing change and development. It involves deep emphasizes on the family relationships. This therapy directly influences the conversations to catalyze the strength and support in a family. It works greatly for stress and Anxiety Disorders.

So, if your child is affected with any kind of anxiety disorder, you do not need to be worried about. There are few other ways one of them is Panic Away technique. It’s easy to learn and to apply. This will not only give instant relief, it also help to Cure Anxiety permanently. Know more about Panic Away technique here.

About the Author

Know best technique to Treat Anxiety in childrens without drugs, you can start that right away and get the results quickly.

Reduce Anxiety & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

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