Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

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all anxiety symptoms
Diagnosed Anxiety Disorder bad physical Symptoms read below. All I have is alcohol in the house, will it help?

Thinking of going on a med next week, but I still have the next few days. There is a lot of pain all throughout areas of my body including the head and chest. I dont have any antianxiety medications here with me and just bought a bottle of red wine. My golf mate told me that red wine can Help With Anxiety. Will it work?

Well any alcohol will help because as long as your not an angry drunk, the alcohol should improve your mood by loosening your nerves up a bit. And if you start to get tipsy then you usually will not be thinking about stress, your mind will wonder elsewhere.

p.s Its not for all people but medical marijuana is clinically proven to help lower anxiety without the side effects of any man made chemical. And it will do as much damage to your body, if not less, then what alcohol or prescriptions will do.

Anxiety Symptoms

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