Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety And Stress Symptoms

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What are Some Physical Symptoms of Anxiety And Stress?

It can arise from personal relationships, from career pressures, or just from everyday life events like slogging through the morning commute. To one degree or another, all of us experience stress. Most think of stress as a cerebral occurrence effecting only one’s thoughts and feelings. However, it has now been amply documented that stress can trigger undesired reactions in the corporeal body. There are many physical Symptoms of Anxiety And Stress.

Stress is so widespread in today’s society that some experts have asserted over half of doctor’s visit are due to ailments caused by underlying stress. Other experts claim stress is a major factor in over 80% of serious illnesses. With this in mind, it can prove to be very important to be able to recognize these symptoms.

Stress embodies itself over varied windows of time for different people. Three main categories differentiate between Types Of Symptoms in this regard. Effects which are immediately noticed are referred to as acute symptoms. A good example of this would be breaking out in a sweat and experiencing heart palpitations when confronted suddenly with a shocking or scary situation.

The second type is referred to as delayed stress. Most have us have heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a perfect example of delayed stress embodiment. Physical Symptoms do not emerge concurrent to the stressful situation, but they occur after time has elapsed. Sometimes Physical Symptoms can take years to emerge.

The final type within this analysis are stress Related Symptoms which become omnipresent. They emerge immediately upon triggers and do not subsist. These are referred to as chronic symptoms. Many claim these continual symptoms constitute the most dangerous threat. Left untreated, many of these symptoms can lead to serious illness, thus accounting for the statistics quoted above.

We’ve now discussed when symptoms emerge, now let’s explore which actual symptoms can be triggered by experiencing stress. The most commonly referenced stress related symptom is high blood pressure. When confronted with a stressful situation, the body reacts by raising blood pressure in an attempt to supply blood, thus oxygen, more rapidly to your brain and other organs. Your body is attempting to give you an advantage to fight off whatever peril it thinks you are facing.

However, as most of us are aware, chronically high blood pressure serves the opposite effect. It does not help you avoid danger, it more serves to put you in harm’s way. There are many other physical symptoms related to stress. The body seeks to increase its energy supply to assist in dealing with a perceived threat. It accomplishes this by producing increased levels of glucose. This too can have attendant issues.

Faster breathing and pulse are also common signs one is experiencing stress. These also can result in adverse long term health effects. The list is quite a long one. Stress leaves virtually no part of the body untouched. It is within everyone’s interest to become educated about the Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress.

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