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Anxiety Symptoms

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How do I get my cat to be my service cat or companion animal?

I have a cat named Sweetie. Sweetie helps me With Anxiety and anger.When I want to scream and/or throw stuff, she says meow and then rubs up against my leg and calms me down. I want to know how to get my cat to be my service cat or companion animal. I have heard mixed stories about how to get it accomplished. Some people say it is as easy as filling out paper work online and paying a fee. Others say I need a doctors note, and someone else said I need to train my cat to be my personal service or companion cat. Please give me information on how to officially and legally get my cat certified as a service or companion animal in the state or OR and the city of Portland. Thanks Peace and God Bless. Happy Yahoo Answer searching.

For what purpose? So you can keep it in a place that doesn’t allow cats? You have to have a LEGITIMATE CONDITION that’s been verified by a doctor then you would have to apply and be approved for this cat to be listed as your “service animal”. So are you under the care of a psychologist and on medication for your supposed condition?

Anxiety & Anger – Therapy – Working it Out Together

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