Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Disorder Facts

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anxiety disorder facts
Police officer who develops a Panic Disorder?

Panic Attacks run in our family. Luckily I escaped it. My cousin, who is a cop, thought he did to. Three years into working for the Raleigh, Nc police, he has developed regular Panic Attacks. Is this common place for cops? They have reffered him to therapy, but said if he is unable to overcome the disorder in 90-180 days, he should consider resigning, or may be asked to leave. Panic Attacks And Anxiety Disorder are the most common Mental Disorders known to man. In fact about 1 in 9 of us suffer some form of it. So what should he do?

Follow the advice he has been given. A cop especially if he has a partner needs to be able to make competent split second decisions when necessary, his life or his partner’s life could hang in the balance and a moments hesitation can be deadly. I know it sucks because for him to want to be a cop shows he wants to do good for others in this case, the good he can do is to resign IF he is unable to control his Anxiety. has he tried that program they advertise on TV? Tell him to try it along with what ever therapy he is doing. He needs to try every avenue to keep the job he seems to love.

Social Anxiety Disorder (the facts)

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