Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Disorder In Kids

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anxiety disorder in kids
Social Anxiety Disorder?

i was reading a magazine one day and there was an article that said could you be living with a disorder and not even know it so i decided to read about it and i read a section about Social Anxiety Disorder and i thought i might have it i took some internet tests and they all said to talk to my doctor its really hard to eat in front of other people even my friends and i hardly ever walk alone because im so afraid people will judge me i tried talking to my parents about it but my dad said things like that and add are just excuses for your kids not growing up right i know that isnt true and my mom never got around to making an appointment to figure it out does anyone know how to get over it or even to know for sure

Yep, sounds like you have that….I do/did too. I was nervous to eat out in public at restaurants and everything! I just made an appt and talked to my doc….I got put on some meds, and am WAY better! YOu REALLY need to encourage your parents to make u an appt. this can last forever if u dont get it treated! Good Luck

Colloquium Series 2011 – Ron Rapee: “Changing the Life Course – Anxiety Disorders in Children”

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