Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Exercises

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anxiety exercises
I had too much sugar and now I have Anxiety and I feel sick. Anything I can do to feel better before work?

I didn’t sleep last night and I still feel Anxiety because I had a lot of sugar last night and I don’t normally eat sugar. I’m feeling nausea, weak, and anxiety basically. Exercise didn’t seem to help.

Eat saltine crackers or toast, not too much food that you get sick. Diet ginger-ale will settle the tummy then plenty of water. No more sugar or big starchy meals today (starchy meals turn to sugar) saltines & toast is a starch but it is not like a big starchy meal. Plenty of water & diet ginger-ale or a diet lemon-lime type soda. Just nibble & sip for the rest of the day. You should feel better by evening.

BREATHING EXERCISES for stress, anxiety

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