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Is it possible to get medical marijuana in the state of Maine to help treat social Anxiety?

I have very severe social Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Ocd, and Bipolar disorder.

I have tried many different medications for my disorders and I would like to try something a little more organic.

Any information on the subject would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

That’s a somewhat amusing question, since social Anxiety Is a fairly common side effect of marijuana.

Other people claim that it makes them more social and empathetic with other people.

The effects of cannabis on short term memory are unlikely to help ADHD.

Marijuana is suffiently safe that you could try it and see what happens, but it looks unpromising.

If you want to try a broader range of herbal medicines you might be interested in going to an Acupuncture clinic and talking with them about herbs. You can use traditional chinese herbs without acupuncture and a practitioner would be able to do an exam and set you up. Various forms of cannabis are also part of chinese herbal medicine, but I don’t know if acupuncturists are allowed prescribe it, even in medical marijuana states.

Comments on medical marijuana:

Public discourse on medical marijuana is somewhat tainted by the necessity to make it look harmless to most people in order to pass decriminalization laws. Once medical marijuana is available in a state, everyone who wants to avoid the risk of arrest for marijuana concocts some therapeutic story about how much it helps alleviate some feigned medical condition. This is actually their best course of action as a rational person if they want to smoke marijuana.

It’s obvious that cannabis has real pharmacological effects and that CB-receptor agonists are a useful category of drugs. But it’s almost impossible to know whether any particular anecdote or testimonial about cannabis is credible unless you try it yourself for the same condition or can find a peer-reviewed research paper on the topic.

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June 7th, 2013 at 11:58 pm

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