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Anxiety Symptoms

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anxiety meaning

Complementary Natural Remedies For Anxiety

What is the bottom line for cures Anxiety? Relaxation. Anxiety means your mind and body is put into the fight-or-flight syndrome. In other words, it is tensed to the maximum possible limit, ready to apply itself to any action that would ensure its survival. To reverse anxiety you need to find ways to relax. The faster you are able to induce relaxation, the faster you would be able to get rid of anxiety. There are many ways to do so. This chapter attempts to describe a few of the most popular and natural forms of relaxation. You could adopt any one, a combination or two or more, or all of them as you find convenient.

Since these are natural methods, you do not have to fear from any potential side effects. However, there is something that could harm you when applying yourself to natural remedies: half-baked techniques. Please keep in mind that theory and practice are two very different things. Just because you read about a certain method, technique, process on the Internet or have been advised by a friend, does not mean that you know how to do it correctly. All the methods described below should be practiced exclusively under the guidance of a qualified and/or accredited professional, or after learned the same from such a professional. Do not, and I repeat do not attempt, any such technique clandestinely; be warned that this could backfire terribly.

Meditation As Treatment For Anxiety

There are many myths surrounding meditation. Many visualize it as sitting in a lotus position and chanting the ‘Om’ mantra with closed eyes and perfect posture. The fact is that meditation need not have you twist your body into impossible stances. You can simply sit in your favorite chair and meditate with exceptional results.

It is not a coincidence that meditation is the first on this list. This is not only the best but also the oldest method that teaches you to control and relax your mind. There is nothing more powerful than meditation because this technique trains the mind not only to relax but also to eliminate negative thinking, which is so vital in arresting Anxiety Attacks.

There are many ways to meditate:

Breathing In – Breathing Out

The easiest way to learn to meditate is with the help of the breathing technique. Sit in a comfortable place, but do not lie down. Now, close your eyes and imagine your abdomen rising and failing along with your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, and breathe out and so on. After a while, you will find that your mind is free from any thought other than observing and being aware of the breathing rhythm you are following.

Prayer Meditation

Invoke a very vivid image of your God, Goddess, or anything you believe who watches over you. Repeat the name of that deity again and again for whatever time it gives you pleasure. By repeating the name such as, ‘Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary’ or ‘Om, Om, Om’ you would achieve the same stance as in the previous method. There would be a time when you would see in your mind’s eye nothing but peace and tranquility.

Music Induced Meditation

The most difficult part of meditation is the starting part. Take a moment to look inside your mind. You will find a cornucopia of thoughts running through your brain, many trying to cancel one another. The continuous movement of thoughts inside your mind is what makes you restless. This is very much similar to a box full of clutter, with only a few items that might be needed in it. If you decide to keep everything in the box, you would need to re-arrange everything inside it, so you can start afresh. This is the same effect that you get with mediation; the only difference is that in this case you get this same result through music. You learn to use music as a tool that would help to understand and introduce meditation into your life. Combined with meditation, music can be a very potent method to fight anxiety.

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