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Anxiety Symptoms

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anxiety medication symptoms
Good Anxiety treatments other than medication?

I have started having more severe Symptoms of Anxiety within the last 6 months. I was diagnosed a few years ago by my physician; however, I declined medication because I do not believe in medication for early treatment. In time my Symptoms, not serious at the time, had dissipated on their own. Now I’m having much more pronounced symptoms that are starting to worry my fiancĂ©… such as hair falling out, sharp shaking when relaxed or sleeping, and not ever sleeping at night due to not being able to stop thinking. My nerves are shot due to Stress And Anxiety. There has to be some treatment methods, non-medical, that can help out. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

they say exercise, yoga, relaxation therapy sessions, herbal teas whirlpool spas are good ways to Relieve Anxiety and tension. counseling would probably also help u identify were your anxiety comes from. i also had anxiety for about 5 years, and did not want to go on medication. i tried everything else, but medication. but as soon as i found out what the stressor was , it went away. boy, i wish tho that i had tried medication to get me over this hump. i am a retired mental health worker, and thought i could do it on my own, and eventually i did, but it wasn’t worth the Anxiety And Pain i went through to get better “on my own” in my case load i have seen great improvement, from very small doses. some the medication can be taken as necessary, and it does not mean u have to be on it the rest of your life. if all else fails, please try some medication, u do not have to live this way. my advice again, seek professional help in the form of counseling, although it could take a while, if you don’t have any relief, in say about 6 weeks, please give the medication some thought good luck hope this helps.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress Symptoms w/o Anti Anxiety Medication

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July 23rd, 2011 at 11:50 am

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