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What are some good ways to Reduce Anxiety?

I have had an Anxiety Disorder for as long as I can remember. What are some tips to calm me down?

Hi–I have had very Bad Anxiety too. I find psychotherapy (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy very helpful at medications. Anxiety Medications are probably more “fast reacting” but therapy will give you tips to go throughout life & tips on staying calm. You really get a lot of cognitive restructuring in therapy. You don’t think as negatively about the situation With Anxiety or anything.Living With Anxiety can truly be difficult. In addition to dealing with excessive worry, you may also have feelings of Depression to cope with. Ultimately, anxiety may affect your interaction with friends and family, your productivity at work, and the overall quality of your life.

Some ways to Cope With Anxiety that I use along with Meds & therapy include:

-Joining an Anxiety Support group. Here, you can find compassion, understanding and shared experiences.
-Letting it go. Don’t dwell on past concerns. Change what you can and let the rest take its course. Repeat as needed.
-Breaking the cycle. When you feel anxious, take a brisk walk or delve into a hobby to refocus your mind away from your worries.
-Taking care of myself. Get enough rest, eat a balanced diet, exercise and take time to relax. Avoid caffeine and nicotine, which can worsen anxiety. Don’t turn to alcohol or unprescribed drugs for relief.
-Sticking to mytreatment plan.
-Socializing. Don’t let worries make you isolated from loved ones or enjoyable activities. Touching base with others offers a healthy diversion.

Anxiety Relief with Theta Brain Waves and Ambient Music

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