Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Specialist

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anxiety specialist
my pug is 8 years old with a severe cough due to Anxiety?

he is been weezing then basically just collasped. I took him to a specialist and they ruled it as Anxiety. I just got a new job and he has had some change of scenery by staying with my parents. He was put on melatonin for the anxiety and it doesnt seem to be helping. He is also for a couple of day on TemperilP steroids. This is the 2nd time its happened and I just want him to be healthy. Any ideas?

Honestly, if the dog sounds like it has breathing issues then collapsed… I’d get a second opinion if you can.

I know they are supposedly known to have breathing issues anyhow, but surely the vet can do more. If it really is only anxiety then perhaps a stronger dose or a different med.

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