Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Breathing Techniques For Anxiety

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Over the counter Anxiety Treatment?

Over the last couple days, I’ve been real anxious and nervous for no reason. I’ve even vomited a few times. I won’t be able to get to a Psychiatrist until Monday. I’ve tried a few breathing techniques, relaxing and watching tv, and a few other things. It’s just weird, and I want it to stop. Any ideas?

No, you can’t use over the counter drugs. In the case, of Depression, such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks, which I can speak of, because I too did suffer with that type of Depression, and it was diagnosis as a Deep Mental Depression. You have to go a few steps, farther in seeking qualified professional, help, there is nothing wrong with your doing it, and believe me you will be all the better for it. I believe in you.

Yogic Breathing Techniques : Understanding Anxiety in the Body

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