Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Comorbid Anxiety Disorder

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comorbid anxiety disorder
How often is Anxiety comorbid with Bipolar?

I was diagnosed with generalized Anxiety Disorder, obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder back in seventh grade. I’m now in eleventh. The struggle has been long and hard, especially since medication never really assuaged any of my Symptoms. One of my psychologists thinks that I may also have cyclothymia, or some other “soft” Bipolar illness. The thing is, even if I do have some Bipolar Disorder, it doesn’t really interfere with my life. What interferes with my life is my anxiety. How do I know if I have Bipolar Disorder, in addition to my anxiety? Perhaps the chemical imbalance in me is what normally causes a bipolar spectrum illness, and that is causing a sort of mix of Symptoms. This would explain why antidepressants never worked for me…

It really depends on the type of Bipolar and the Specific Anxiety Disorder you are wondering about.

However, according to RM Hirschfeld, LA Vornik (2005) there is a 92% of people presenting with Bipolar I meet criterion for a lifetime Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis.

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