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Anxiety Symptoms

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depression anxiety disorder
Does anyone else suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression?

I just want to know if anyone has suffered similiar to what I have. I’d really like to know more people who have suffered Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression because most people just think its Shyness and its not.

Those are two of my illnesses. It is hardly Shyness and it is far more constraining than being shy. I am more or less always anxious throughout the day and I actually take about 3-4 hours to fall asleep despite all measures to fix this (i.e. sleep earlier, hot bath etc.) simply because my mind is always reliving the day’s mistakes, and always trying to plan ahead for the next day. For instance if I know Im going to meet someone tomorrow, I will do my best to cover all possible scenarios and pre-plan conversation points; I hate to be taken off guard and when I am, I clearly become anxious. I usually bolt out and try to calm my breathing. It is beyond shyness and its quiet constraining in my daily life and even employment as I wont do jobs that will bring me surprises. I only do real estate secretary because I am prepared for it all but I cant answer phones at my dad’s law office because the questions that can be asked are so wide and broad and unpredictable.
I used to be in therapy and on Prozac which I think helped but I was taken out of therapy by my parents after I tried to commit suicide through overdose on Prozac and other medications.
Hope it helped.

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