Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Depression Anxiety Disorders

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depression anxiety disorders
Can Depression And/or Anxiety Disorders cause behavior problems in children?

I’m posting this question, because when I was a child, I had some behavioral issues. I know that I had The Symptoms Of Depression and Anxiety back then, but I suspected that I had ADHD and that that was the cause of my problems. Indeed, a few years ago, I was formally diagnosed with ADHD by a counselor. However, a Psychiatrist recently told me that she wasn’t convinced I had ADHD, and she told me that many of my problems stemmed from Depression And Anxiety.

Both could have a point. I had ADHD & was disgusted with my parents bad behavior during their divorce & I acted out in school. Don’t be so hard on yourself, life will slowly get better if you keep trying & get some help from those who have had the same experiences as yourself. I wish you good luck.

My Treatment Resistant Borderline Personanlity Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, etc.

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