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Anxiety Symptoms

Depression Symptoms Signs

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depression symptoms signs
What are some signs/Symptoms Of Depression?

My friend says she’s said most of the time for no reason and thinks she had drepression, I don’t think she does b/c shes a teenager and normally your emotions are all out of wac but she insist that she might. What are some signs?

I had Depression at age 11, a young age does not preclude it,although,yes, many teenagers are ‘blue’ due to hormones/peer pressures etc.
Symptoms include feeling down or hopeless, giving up doing the things you enjoy, not taking care of your appearance, insomnia and constant tiredness. In some cases the depression can ‘somatise’ as actual illness-chronic headaches, stomach upsets, weird aches and pains,even dizziness.

Depression Symptoms & Help : Signs Of Depression in Children

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