Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Herbal Treatment For Anxiety

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herbal treatment for anxiety
Should I take St. John’s Wort and SAMe together?

I’m going to drop by CVS later and pick up some St. John’s Wort and SAMe. Supposedly these two ingredients are herbal treatments for Depression And Anxiety. I’m going to give it a go and see how they both work. My question is, should I start on both at the same time or should I take one, see how it effects me (over say 2 weeks), and then take the other? Also, is it a good idea to take them together long term?

You can try them, some people say they work. You can start and take them both at the same time. Personally, I have tried them and didn’t have any positive results. I now take 750mg GABA at night and feel much better. I only but the GABA from GNC though, for some reason it works better than 2 other brands I tried.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Insomnia And Anxiety

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