Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

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which treatment is better – allopathy or homeopathy for Ocd?

i have Ocd from a lot of years. i took allopathy treatment for many years.i found some relief. then dropped. now some Symptoms of OCD raise again, memory loss and hairfall occurs. stummering from i am taking homeopathic Treatment For Ocd and stummering, hairfall since 3 months. but no found any relief.
should i take homeopathic Treatment For Ocd and Anxiety. or move to allopathy treatment again or both. please suggest.

Start with base ocd reasons. In most of the cases i have seen it happens in families whare all the gadgets, money and everything is available but no time for a son/daughter or beginninggening you have been mentally captured by the other people, you have no freedom of thoughts, in these cases one of two problemaccrueoccure either thyroid or ocd.
Alopathic treatment means supprenervesnurves so that you do not think again and again and remain as brain dead almost, increasing medicine year after yearIndiao idia of homoeopathy.
Ayurveda is the only world’s first & oldest medical science on earth Everybody knows that India gave 0 (zero) to world without which no science would have developed, and few people know that India introduced Suchi Vedh (Scientist Sushruta) injection system and Shalya Chikitsa (Scientist Sushruta) plastic surgery to the world. Now all people named Ayurveda the alternative medicine but for me it is Ultimate Medicine. In my 23 years experience i have seen patients who have tried & tested everything and then came to me.
Relating to brain & nuro science it is called Bhoot Vidya (not ghost) past science, what has happened and caused a problem in the brain.
The treatment in Ayurveda is first rejuvenating the organ responsible for problem with a little medicine to control the Symptoms.
Suppressing and pressing symptoms down is not called treatment like in allopathy which says you have to take medicine for whole life i.e. arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
You are the best judge, tranalyzenalizdecidedeside. Make yourself comfortable and ask yourself do you wish to depend on medicines or you wish to come out of all the mess and then start, fix a dateconsentoncent of your doctor that within this period you are going to be healthy and will require no medicine to live.
Best of luck

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