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Anxiety Symptoms

List Of Anxiety Symptoms

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list of anxiety symptoms
How do I deal With Anxiety?

Well not to long ago I looked at a page which listed Symptoms of a seizure. Even since then Ive been stressed that Im gonna have a seizure. I’ve been getting these out of body experiences, dizziness, and headaches. What scares me the most is the out of body experiences its weird because it feels like Im not actually here, like Im in some sort of dream. This has been going on for the past 2 weeks and its really effected my life. I’ve been missing school and having trouble sleeping at night. Im only 13 so this is really scary for me, I’ve talked to my principle about it, my docter and on Monday Im going to talk to a kid’s mental health guy. I dont think Im gonna have a seizure because if was a seizure I think it would’ve already happend.

So how I do I deal with this? I can exercise because Ive got a broken leg. Anything else I could do?
Sorry bout the spelling mistakes, I think you can tell where I made them

It sounds like you would benefit by talking to a Crisis Counselor. The Boys Town National Hotline @ 1(800) 448-3000 has Crisis Counselors available 24/7 who can problem solve issues with you or provide referrals to other agencies in your area. If you would rather chat on line, go to We would be able to talk with you about how you are feeling and problem solve ways to better handle the situation that you are in. Anxiety can be managed by developing coping skills that could work for you. You mentioned that you can’t exercise, so think of other things that you can do to help take your mind off the topic of the seizures. Try listening to music, watching a movie, writing in a journal etc. These are examples of things that you can do that will get your mind out of the moment, or thinking about having seizures.

Good luck,
Counselor EA

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September 5th, 2011 at 3:59 am

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