Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Medical Anxiety Disorder

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medical anxiety disorder
medical marijuana & Anxiety Disorder?

I have frequent Anxiety Attacks that have really been affecting my life over this year, due to my family history of severe addiction to prescription drugs I thought it best not to use such medications as Valium. I got a medical marijuana card and the guy at the club said he thought that a Sativa type would be best for my Panic Attacks however, when I tried this it actually caused a horrible attack! Do you really think Sativa is the best type for Panic Attacks? I mean the last thing I want to do when I start to panic is to feel energetic on the contrary I need to be sort of sedated to calm down. Do you think the Indica strain might work better for me or a sort of hybrid between the two?

‘m a little worried now about trying to smoke again.

Does any other medical users know of a type that might work for me?

thank you in advance.

yeah i found u the perfect medication its called super bubba kush ask a doctor or ur supplier these are the effects “effects from this strain are powerful and heavy. The high starts in the face and spreads rapidly towards the rest of the body. Super Bubba puts in a solid day’s work with well over 2 hours of body-numbing effects. Unfortunately, the come down is harsh and abrupt, leaving you almost brain dead for a few hours afterwards.”

Medical Assessment (Social Anxiety Disorder)

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