Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Mirtazapine Anxiety

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what are the best SOCIAL Anxiety drugs on the market 2010?

ok ive suffered social Anxiety for as long as i remember, i never new there were different Types Of Anxiety until recently and now i no it Social Anxiety. It ruins my life and i have tried everything and drugs work best for me. Currently im taking mirtazapine as i thought my anxiety was just general it doesnt really help in social situations and makes me quite sudate. Im thinking of going to my doctors and asking for the specialised Social Anxiety drugs….do these differ from normal antidepressents…is it worth a go, what drugs are best and have worked for you thanks

ps. please dont say talking therapy cbt breathing exercise ive tried everything drugs are best for me

The SSRIs work well for many people. These include Prozac, Paxil, etc and their generics.

Bipolar Anxiety with Changes

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