Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Natural Anxiety Relief

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natural anxiety relief
has anyone tried these books for Anxiety?

I came across the calm clinic website and they offer 4 books to help eliminate Anxiety for under $40. Has anyone had any experience with this site and these books? The books are
1.“The Psychology of Panic, Fear And Anxiety: Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Anxious and What You Can Do to Change It” book
2.“Anxiety Physical Symptoms: Strategies to Eliminate 24 Most Common Anxiety And Panic Physical Symptoms
3.“Natural Relief For Anxiety: Complementary Strategies for Easing Fear, Panic & Worry”
4.“How to Eat and Exercise to Minimize Anxiety And Depression

Feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am unsure about purchasing these..

Not familiar with those particular titles, and don’t know if these are ‘real’ books or the sort of pamphlet some nutrition companies sell to promote this weeks ‘wonder nutrient’.

If they seem to be full size, full length books written by actual experts, and if the company offers any sort of guarantee of satisfaction, it would be worth trying.

Natural Anxiety Relief | 3 Familiar Anxiety Problems — Which Do You Want To Overcome.avi.avi

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