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Anxiety Symptoms

Ocd And Anxiety Disorder

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ocd and anxiety disorder

Anxiety Symptoms Pure O And Anxiety Disorder

Pure O and Ocd differ, but not many people know how. The cause is not the same, the cure is not the same, it is only the behaviour they cause that is the same. Ocd and Pure O are very like conditions, the only difference between them is the compulsion to carry out rituals in OCD.

Both OCD and Pure O are Symptoms of an underlying anxious condition, let me explain. When the Anxiety Control center in the brain gets data from the sensory organs that tells it that a real danger is present, the flight or fight response is activated. But in Anxiety Disorders no REAL danger is present so the senses seek out something, from any source, inside or externally to the body, that might be a threat. Your anxious symptoms and feelings are detected by the Anxiety Control center, interpreted as ‘threat’ and more Anxiety Is released.

The way the mind looks for these dangers is by sending out ‘what if’ thoughts to ‘assess’ the background; in Pure O and OCD, it is these ‘what if thoughts’ together with your greater creative intellect that cause your condition!

Let me clarify the difference between Pure O and OCD ‘risk assessment thoughts’.

In Pure O you have thoughts such as:

* What if I injure x?

* What if I do X to my (or others) children?

* What if I am gay?

* What if I do X against god?

* What if I pick up this knife and do x?

* What if I am a murderer?

* What if I am a paedophile?

In OCD you may have feelings such as:

* What if I don’t do X 4 times?

* What if I don’t clean my hands X times?

* What if I have left X switched on?

* What if I have just hit X in my car?

* What if I don’t clean/order those objects?

* What if I don’t say/repeat X?

Do you see how in Pure O feelings, the question is ‘what if?’ while in OCD the questions demand action for fear of consequences?

This is the single difference. The creative intellect embellishes these ‘normal’ and yet extreme risk assessment questions as anxiety takes hold and fuels the ‘fear of consequences’. So, although Pure O and OCD are born of the same condition, the same cause and the same behaviors, they are quite different conditions in one sense.


Although Pure O and OCD manifest quite differently, they can be treated using the exact same method… The process that has been used, maybe instinctively, by every recovered anxiety, OCD and Pure O sufferer in the world ever. There is only one cause of Pure O and OCD and therefore only one cure.

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PURE O, OCD and Anxiety Disorders

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