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Anxiety Symptoms

Panic And Anxiety Attacks

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panic and anxiety attacks

What is the Difference Between Panic and Anxiety Attacks?

Panic and Anxiety Attacks are common among people suffering from a sudden burst of emotions. But while their Symptoms can be intertwined, these two conditions are different from each other. If you are not sure if you’re suffering from a panic or an Anxiety Disorder, then here are some situations which you can differentiate the one from the other:

1. Panic Attacks can be anticipated. Unlike anxiety attacks, panic issues can be expected, especially when you are in the midst of an ongoing emotional situation. And since you can determine whether a Panic Attack will arrive, you can control your emotions and calm down before it even takes place. Anxiety Disorders meanwhile come unexpected and happen any time of the day.

2. Panic Attacks happen only due to one reason. Extreme feelings of happiness, anger, Depression And frustration can lead to panic attacks. Anxiety Disorders meanwhile happen even without these exaggerated emotions (e.g. You simply feel sad or worried).

3. Anxiety attacks can be due to clinical issues and pre-existing disorders. It should be clear that Panic Attacks And disorders are triggered by a pileup of emotions that come from certain situations. Anxiety attacks meanwhile can be due to hormonal imbalances and pre-existing medical situations without the need for an emotional outburst to take place. However, when panic situations become frequent and can no longer be controlled, they can lead to eventual anxiety disorders.

4. Panic can be controlled. Most of all, panic attacks, without the help of medical treatments are controllable. All you need is the determination to take hold of your emotions. You only resort to medical treatments such as drugs and therapy when your attacks become frequent and begin to affect your overall well being.

There’s no need to fear Panic Or Anxiety, as it can be treated and cured.

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