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Anxiety Symptoms

Panic Anxiety Attack Symptoms

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panic anxiety attack symptoms
What are the Symptoms of an Anxiety/Panic Attack?

Also are they diffrent?

i had Panick Attacks for 6 yrs, really bad, and all i can tell you is that there can be alot of Symptoms b/c usually during a panick attack everything you feel is exaturated and makes it feel like 10 new symptoms but here are some most common
chest pain and pressure
shortness of breath
feeling like your not getting oxygen when you do breath
pain in arms
numbness in arms and hands
feeling unattatched to yourself
easily startled
loud noises seem louder!!!
there are really so many i had a million things going on at once it was terrible i even was put on the heart ward at st vincents hospital for 1 week for tests. the symptoms can be severe or nagging all the time i think i had both. anyways i hope this can help feel free to email me i do have lot of info on this subject

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September 7th, 2011 at 6:19 pm

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