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Anxiety Symptoms

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Which meds are good for helping with BOTH attention and Anxiety Problems?

I experience many of the Symptoms of both General Anxiety Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. Which meds are good for combatting this combination?

I have an appointment to speak with a Psychiatrist on Wednesday. What do you think he’ll prescribe?

Your doctor will probably prescribe Zoloft, or Paxil, for anxiety, and adderall for the ADD.

However, each person reacts differently to these newer drugs, so I hope your doctor will start you on a low dose and go up from there.

Drugs are not the entire answer here though. Take it from one who has spent 9 years fighting Ptsd, Panic Attacks, and agoraphobia, and has been prescribed every medication under the sun.

Exercise is very important. Exercise produces the same kind of endorphins that anxiety meds do. A 20-30 minute walk daily will really help, and you may find you don’t even have a need for an Anxiety Medication.

Get a dog if you don’t have one—they are great walking partners. As a matter of fact, my dog is a certified service animal that goes everywhere with me. The love and devotion they give is endless. My golden retriever will even come to give me a hug when I have a “melt-down.”

A well-qualified therapist can help you change your thinking patterns so that the Anxiety Is minimized. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) are positive, proven types of therapy. Be sure to check the credentials of your therapist. It’s silly to pay someone just to sit and talk to them. You need a program such as these specific therapies.

Educate yourself about these conditions so you will be able to manage your health care to a certain extent. Some doctors out there combine numerous drugs to make “cocktails,” as they call them. At one time they had me taking so many drugs that I was a zombie.

A couple of good books, recommended by my therapist are:

Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Reinventing Your Life by Jeffrey E. Young
Mind over Mood
Stop Walking on Eggshells

Here are some links to explore:

Best wishes to you, and Blessings

Knowing the Difference Between Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks & Limited Symptom Panic Attacks

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October 21st, 2013 at 12:26 am

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