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panic symptoms
What are the Symptoms Of A Panic Attack?

Twice now a few years apart I have experienced what I believe to be a Panic Attack. I always thought before that it was an asthma attack, but the inhaler never seems to help much. My breathing test measured 29 which is just one point into the asthma range so I don’t treat it. For me it always started with trouble breathing when I can’t seem to slow it down, which most times I can if I force my mouth closed and breath through my nose to slow it down. A couple of times now, I was frightened and couldn’t slow it down for over an hour which left me pale, clammy, weak and disoriented. I also get to the point where I think I’m going to faint and can not move at all for fear of fainting. (Too much oxygen?) I have not yet discussed the severe attacks with my doctor.

It sounds like your describing hyperventilation. Yes, that is a Symptom Of Anxiety and yes it is too much oxygen and can cause the Symptoms you describe. Other symptoms include, chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations, unusual fear.

Anxiety And Panic Attack Symptoms by Charles Linden

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