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physical symptoms depression
Having Physical Depression Symptoms, but not mental? Help!?

I’ve been having problems….I have the physical Depression Symptoms :

Sleeping Problems
Back Pain
Light Headedness
Huge Change in Appetite and Weight (10lbs in 1.5 months!)

But with all this, I am not depressed. In fact I’m happier than i’ve ever been. But its affecting work and school, and I don’t know whats wrong with me. I need advice or suggestions :(
I’m getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night

I have all that too. My friend suggested I may have chronic sleep something syndrome? I can’t remember what she called it. But it did have to do with being tired constantly, muscle aches, etc..

She told me that some doctors won’t diagnose it, as they think it’s purely a mental condition and nothing physical, while others will give you a prescription or something.

Sorry I don’t have much info; I haven’t really looked into it much as I just had this conversation with her last week.

I just remembered, she also said that it’s a very very verrrrry low form of narcolepsy. You’re not actually falling asleep at your desk, though you’d sure like to…

EDIT: AHA!!! I found it!! I’m almost positive this is it:

At least check it out…..the symptoms are listed there, just scroll down a bit. 😀

The Physical Symptoms Of Depression

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