Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Postnatal Anxiety

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been on citalopram 4 weeks now for postnatal; Depression /Anxiety Attacks when do they rid the Anxiety totally?

tehy are starting to help but still have days when anxiety jsut happens and need to take a valium to relax me which teh doc prescribed to take edge off til citalopram works how long does anyone no when get full effect

Scientific studies are now showing that medications don’t work if you don’t believe in them. A positive mental attitude may be part of what makes them work instead of the body fighting them off. Placebo medication are shown to work as well as SRI’s, even though there’s no medication in them. It’s hard to control thoughts, if we still us negative words and phrases or judgmental words. Positive words carry positive emotions with them and automatically improve Depression considerably. I know all this because I’ve changed my life that way.
Behind every feeling there is a thought. With a negative feeling a negative thought. By getting to the thought we can control our feelings by asking, “Is the thought true?” Get that working for you and they are now using it to get in touch with the love and genius within us. It may not seem to make sense, but the mind doesn’t always and this works. It requires work, but it’s a lot easier than worrying. I know that too, as I was a mighty worrier once. If the idea offends you, you can back off it a little, after you get control and are more balanced. I guess I don’t have to say that looking into spirituality is an answer, as spirituality was always about emotions and truth, no matter some people having spirituality so wrong. It takes a radical technique sometimes to get us unstuck. It should connect you by intuition to all the love and genius that is inside you or you should modify it to work for you, as we’re all different.
P.S. Some medications take four to six weeks.

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