Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Propranolol Anxiety

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Anyone had Propranolol For Anxiety sickness?

I went to my doctor today about the Anxiety sickness ive been having for the last couple of years. i saw them 2 years ago and they gave me something to stop me feeling sick. it didnt stop me being sick, and neither do the herbal remedies from health food shops. the main worries with my anxiety are that i feel sick, i am physically sick occassionally, i have little appetite and a huge loss of concentration. i told my doctor i have had a few Panic Attacks.

she gave me propranolol to take on a day i have an exam to stop me having a Panic Attack. but i told her that this isnt just when ive got someting coming up its almost everyday that i feel sick and cant eat so she told me to take one each morning instead. however its not Panic Attacks that im worried about its the general feeling sick and i cant concentrate on learning for my exams very soon.
has anyone had Propranolol For Anxiety? did it work? and how similar were your Symptoms to mine?
i was also wondering about side effects?

Hi yes i was prescribed propranol 5 years ago for just like I
was feeling ill and nausheous all the time, unfortunately the propranol did not help me and I was put on more stronger medication along with the propranol. I remain on the propranol because it can help to reduce migraine,the side effect usually lower your blood pressure but if it is only 40 ml you are on you should be ok .Personally I dont think the propranol is any good for snxiety.
hope u feel better soon

Serve Anxiety And Panic Attack Adive Help Please

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