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Anxiety Symptoms


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How can i overcome my shyness and make more friends?

I’m going into grade 10 this year I only have like 3 friends (at my school) I’m super shy around people I think it’s because I care A LOT about what other people think of me and I have almost no confidence :/ and I suck at sports and all these things make me appear socially awkward. What can I do to overcome my shyness/lack of confidence and make more friends this year?

I was shy and than I made myself talk to people and just to smile at other people I didnt know. Than I took drama class and that really helped me. even the teacher saw a diffrence. Funny part was that I hated drama class. I didnt want to do it and every class was tough for me and I hated it. It did get me to talk more though.

Thieves Like Us – Shyness

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September 7th, 2011 at 9:56 am

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