Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Social Anxiety Dating

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social anxiety dating
Dating for people with social Anxiety, low self-esteem and/or Depression, any advice?

i’m the same. You just have to let go of your saftey behaviours (stffness, awkwardness, hair touching, nose touching, thinking about what you look like) and relax and enjoy the evening. Act confident and breath deep and slow to relax.

The saftey behaviour are what makes you look/seem weird not YOU as a person.

Break the cycle. Look at my photo and tell me if you think I look like a social phobic wreck? Cuz I am… I can’t even get on a bus with my 7 month old son in his pram. I hate waiting at a crossing because i’m so sure I walk funny. I hate talking to people because i hate the way my mouth/teeth look etc…. You’re not alone.

Social Anxiety and Dating (Part 1)

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