Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

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What are good herbal Remedies For Anxiety?

I am without health insurance, and suffer from moderate Anxiety/Depression (diagnosed by my doctor) and am looking for information on herbal or natural remedies to help calm my anxiety. I have tried st. johns wart more than once, and didn’t notice any difference, and I am looking for other herbs and such that might help, preferably with knowledge from experience.

1) Wild Kratom (strongest and best, guaranteed to work for EVERYONE)

2) Kava-Kava (works for most, not for everyone and NO it is NOT toxic, that study was debunked and Kava is now approved by the FDA)

3) St John’s Worth (works for few, not for most)

4) Salvia (works for everyone, except it’s very tricky, as at higher doses it can cause hallucinations for up to 10 mins)

5) Marijuana (only resort to it if it’s legal in your State)

Study: Anxiety Resolved By Thinking About It Real Hard

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