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Anxiety Symptoms

Treatment Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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treatment obsessive compulsive disorder
What other country has different treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder than the United States?

I’m writing a paper for my Psych101 class… i need help on finding another country with possibly a little different treatments than the United States… a website would be great… thanks

You might just need to visit your own back door for this one. Try Canada, which has similar names but different causes and cures too. Each independent country that is among the types of insurance for all is most likely to have a different treatment and even name so it may be difficult to nail down. England’s health is mostly the same as Canada’s, and what about those like Sweden? Australia might be in the running as are others. You need to do nothing more then think about it. Since the name might also be changed this just might be a bit more then a challenge, you’ll need to work at it, but once found you’ll find yourself with a very high grade. I also went into becoming a psych. nurse and found many rewards that you just can’t find in becoming any other type. Try some volunteer work in a developmental center. These people have no one else to look up to most of the time. Good luck and God Bless

How to Live With Ocd : Ocd Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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