Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Treatment Of Anxiety And Depression

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What is the most effective form of Treatment For Depression and Anxiety?

This question is for academic reasons.

What do you think of CBT and how does it compare to pyschotherapy?

zoloft works for me!
Electric shock treatment is good for severe cases too.
Cognitive behaviourial therapy is effective when used in conjunction with other treatments – ie medication and even electric shock therapy…each individual is different and will respond differently to medications…also dependent upon what ‘type’ of Depression – eg – Bipolar, clinical and Anxiety type – ie- Generalised Anxiety disorder or Panic Attacks or whatever!!
Psychotherapy again..would be most effective dependent on type of depression/severity of Depression And in conjunction with other management strategies.
good luck – i am no shrink but i do suffer from both.
I know my answer is not academic but i guess you need to google this one!

Treatment For Anxiety | Depression And Anxiety

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