Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

What Are Anxiety Attack Symptoms

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What To Search For Should You Presume Signs Of A Panic Attack

Panic Attack Symptoms are experienced by millions every day. It gets especially difficult when the person doesn’t realize they are having a Panic Attack as opposed to something else. These attacks often occur without any warning.

It’s even more terrifying to realize these attacks can happen when you’re sleeping. The fear can be out of proportion to the Symptoms if the person is not familiar with Panic Attacks. Here is some additional information about some of the Symptoms Of A Panic Attack.

One of the more somewhat vague types of panic Attack Symptoms has to do with muscle tension. The thing about Panic Attacks, though, is that they happen very suddenly and usually last only about ten minutes, roughly. So that should provide a clue if you experience sudden muscle tension that is short lived. Naturally, the nature or location of the muscle tension can determine what you feel is going on. If the muscle tensions strikes in your chest or left arm, you may believe you are having a heart attack. So you need to look at it in the context of your situation. Symptoms similar to coming down with the flu, like having the chills, have also been described by those suffering a panic attack. These kinds of symptoms can lead to greater confusion. Other similar feelings can also be related to panic attacks, as well. Discussing these symptoms with your doctor is important and only partly because you think you might be sick. The symptoms were probably due to a panic attack if they only last a short time and don’t repeat again soon.

Another type of panic attack signal involves time awareness. The manifestation is a feeling or sensation that time is going by incredibly slowly. Not to bring this to light at all, however we all have experienced the feeling of having to do something we’d prefer not to do or be in some location we really don’t want to be at. Though, this is a lot different than the other more typical, non-panic attack feeling. There is a very discernible feeling that time has slowed down, and the feeling can linger for hours or only last about fifteen minutes or less. We are of the opinion that even if you have dealt with this one time however it is a terrific notion to inquire with your medical professional about it. Panic attacks are not just in your head and are never pleasant. They are a serious issue and should be treated accordingly. Once you’ve had one panic attack, your risk of experiencing another is increases. No matter what, if you have any symptoms that appear out of the ordinary, or potentially serious, then see your doctor right away.

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Anxiety Attack Symptoms

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