Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

What Is A Anxiety Disorder

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what is a anxiety disorder

Learn The Truth About Social Anxiety Disorder

If you are uncomfortable in social situations, to the point where you become almost immobilized with fear, then you may suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. This is not the typical feeling of Shyness everybody experiences from time to time. This can be debilitating to some people, making them unable to be around others – take the Stress And Anxiety to find out if you suffer too.

If you are unable to leave your house due to the fear of running into people that might judge you or stare at you, that is one symptom of Social Anxiety disorder. Are you afraid of humiliation from strangers you don’t evenknow, and fearful of being around others for fear of meeting them and having to talk to strangers. Another name for social Anxiety Is Social Phobia, both are used nearly interchangeably for the same Symptoms.

Living with social Anxiety Is a terrifying thing for those who suffer from it, and can lead to Panic Attacks at times. An irrational fear of going anywhere in public is only part of it though, some are even afraid to talk with strangers over the phone due to their extreme fear of humiliation from others. Most are afraid of any interaction with people since this may put them in a position of being judged, getting unwanted attention, or even ridicule. This is not a logical or normal reaction, but their distorted view of the world causes them to suffer these delusions anyway. Their physical Symptoms can include fast heart rate, confusion, sweating, muscle tension, upset stomach, and extreme shaking of the body.

What can be done to help Overcome Social Anxiety disorder? There are therapies to help those who suffer from social anxiety disorder, most commonly something called Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT. In this therapy a patient will be slowly subjected to the very situations that cause them fear, but are first given ways of coping so they can better deal with them. The exposure to these situations comes first in the doctor or therapists office, and then gradually into a more public environment to systematically desensitize the patient and help them overcome their terror of public areas.

Also some medications care given for extreme cases of social anxiety, such as Paxil (an anti-depressant), Xanax (tranquilizer) and newer drugs like Paxil, or other beta blockers. These are only used as a temporary device normally though along with therapy, until the patient can better handle certain situations.

Unfortunately there is no known cause of Stress And Anxiety, it can strike at any time. Some doctors link it to an imbalance of a neurotransmitter called serotonin, but it can also be caused by environmental factors as well. If you think you may suffer from this disorder, seek help and get your life back on track, as it rarely goes away by itself and can only get worse.

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

Afraid of People: A Social Anxiety Disorder Documentary 1/6

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