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Anxiety Specialist

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anxiety specialist
my pug is 8 years old with a severe cough due to Anxiety?

he is been weezing then basically just collasped. I took him to a specialist and they ruled it as Anxiety. I just got a new job and he has had some change of scenery by staying with my parents. He was put on melatonin for the anxiety and it doesnt seem to be helping. He is also for a couple of day on TemperilP steroids. This is the 2nd time its happened and I just want him to be healthy. Any ideas?

Honestly, if the dog sounds like it has breathing issues then collapsed… I’d get a second opinion if you can.

I know they are supposedly known to have breathing issues anyhow, but surely the vet can do more. If it really is only anxiety then perhaps a stronger dose or a different med.

Anxiety Part 1: What is Normal?

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Acupuncture For Anxiety

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acupuncture for anxiety
Have you tried acupuncture for Anxiety?

Just wondering what your experience was. Effective, not effective, what to expect, etc. Is it pricey? The place I am thinking about going to doesn’t include pricing on its website. I guess I could just call, but I am not sure I want to do this yet….
Dating Coach, I would think you would need to be on whatever treatment you take consistently for it to be effective. That is, marijuana wouldn’t be any different from acupuncture or legal drugs in that respect. Plus, marijuana can have a depressant effect on people, which means it could produce the opposite of the desired effect….

Yes it does. All my familys gotten acupuncture before and they were very happy with the results. I guess it depends on the skill of the acupuncture dr. and you may need to go a few times because you cant just get rid of the probblem completely in 1 session.

Acupuncture : Acupuncture for Anxiety & Stress

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Worry And Anxiety Symptoms

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How do I stop the cycle of fear of dying (from getting a certain cancer) & Anxiety?

I am getting all these Symptoms connected With Anxiety. Aswell some of the Symptoms of brain cancer are the same as ANXIETY. The doctor says it’s just anxiety. But I still worry and get these worrying symptoms: some sensations, achy muscles sometimes. How do I change my mindset into thinking there is NOTHING wrong or is going to go wrong with me??
I am seeing a counseller soon. But in the mean time what ways can you think of, of me not worrying/thinking the worse/death. Thanks.

Find a book by Esther & Jerry Hicks called The Power of Emotions. What they suggest in that book is that if you can change your thoughts, your mind, you can change how you feel. I’ve read just a bit of it over the time since it came out and got some very valuable life lessons. As long as your thoughts are directed toward the bad things you will continue to spiral down until you get into full blown anxiety and worse. If you can take one thought, look at it from another perspective – in essence changing that thought, you can change how you are reacting to it. We tend to hammer ourselves with negative thoughts once we get into that downward spiral, but if we can change the direction to one of those thoughts that stops the downward spiral. If you can change the direction of that thought into a more positive thought, you can reverse the spiral. Understanding it from their perspective helped me considerably.

Look, here’s the thing about life – no one escapes and lives forever, we all have our time here. Yes, we have every reason to fear cancer but some things are far beyond our control. It is okay to fear, just don’t be crippled by it. People stricken with cancer can tell you one thing, that life means more to them and they value every blessed moment they have. Faced with mortality everything seems brighter, more vivid, more real. Cancer does not stop you from experiencing, it is only an illness – and your heart, your soul is more than the illness. You are more than any illness. Yes, the worst thing is death, but worrying about it keeps you from living. When was the last time you turned off your thoughts and looked out a window or took a walk? I’d venture a guess that you sit and ruminate over all the terrible things that can happen – and miss the sunrise, how sweet a cup of coffee tastes, how pretty clouds are, and how you like to eat your favorite thing. Today, find one thing, just one thing that you enjoy and do it. See how that feels. And when the dark thoughts come back, see if you can turn the volume down by thinking about how dark that thought is and see if you can find some way to relieve what you feel, even if it is doing something else – deflect that thought, create a diversion to get some relief.

Anxiety Disorders: More Than a Case of the Nerves

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July 29th, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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