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Anxiety Attack Help

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anxiety attack help
Anxiety Attack?

Why am i feeling this way? help please.?
i’ve cut for 2 years now but havent for about 6 monthes. I was looking up stuff online tonight about cutting because i was bored and now i feel so anxous to do it. I dont even know if its anxious to do it i just feel anxious. I cant sit still and im kinda breathing heavier. I cant sit still. Is this An Anxiety Attack? What is this? Ive never felt this way before thats why its kinda freaking me out?
Could me looking at that stuff actually lead to An Anxiety Attack??
im only 17

First of all, 6 months is a long time and you deserve a lot of credit.

Reading about self-harm behaviors would probably trigger an anxiety response in most people; I would not be at all surprised if it triggered an anxiety attack in a person who is prone to anxiety and who used to engage in that behavior.

Don’t let Anxiety Cause you more anxiety, if you know what I mean. If you can’t sit still, get up and walk around. It will pass.

If anyone helped you stop cutting 6 months ago, let them know about tonight. Definitely tell your doctor if he/she doesn’t already know. From the medication perspective, we are probably better (or at least better-equipped) at Treating Anxiety than any other Mental Disorder.

Anxiety Treatment – Dr. Linden Explains The Linden Method

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Self Test

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generalized anxiety disorder self test

Social Anxiety Disorder? Take The Social Anxiety Test

Most folks who suffer from a Social Anxiety Disorder usually aren’t conscious they do, mainly simply because they’re reluctant to speak about their anxiety difficulties and do not seek professional enable. Nevertheless, if they do seek expert enable, most of the time the initial course of action they are essential to full is usually a Social Anxiety Test.

A Social Anxiety test is one that assists give medical professionals with data that determines whether or not the test taker suffers from any social phobias. These tests also aid establish the nature and intensity of any social Anxiety Disorders the individual may perhaps endure from. It truly is usually necessary for folks to recall that taking a social Anxiety Test isn’t a negative issue, its purpose is usually to aid the individual taking it.

Any person who takes a social Anxiety Test should generally be totally honest when answering all of the concerns on the test. Becoming dishonest on this kind of test only creates false and ineffective outcomes. When false and ineffective outcomes are provided, the enable of a medical skilled can not be accurately given. The quantity one step in overcoming a social anxiety disorder would be to begin to be honest with one’s self; and this honesty can start when taking the test.

It really is not uncommon or unnatural for a person to wish to know what to expect once they are going to take a social anxiety test. All individuals taking this type of test must be conscious that numerous questions on the test don’t even relate to one’s social anxiety. There are plenty of concerns on this sort of test that are related to concerns identified on an IQ test; these concerns are asked so it is usually determined how the testee handles risks, to reveal personality traits, to measure their mental strength, figure out their value method, and to determine how prone to accidents the testee is.

There is nothing to anxiety or worry about when taking a social anxiety test. These tests are only valuable tools to assist a medical professional in efficiently treating a person who may perhaps have a social anxiety disorder.
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Self help for Anxiety Attacks – A brief introduction

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September 8th, 2011 at 11:21 am

Panic Anxiety Attack Symptoms

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panic anxiety attack symptoms
What are the Symptoms of an Anxiety/Panic Attack?

Also are they diffrent?

i had Panick Attacks for 6 yrs, really bad, and all i can tell you is that there can be alot of Symptoms b/c usually during a panick attack everything you feel is exaturated and makes it feel like 10 new symptoms but here are some most common
chest pain and pressure
shortness of breath
feeling like your not getting oxygen when you do breath
pain in arms
numbness in arms and hands
feeling unattatched to yourself
easily startled
loud noises seem louder!!!
there are really so many i had a million things going on at once it was terrible i even was put on the heart ward at st vincents hospital for 1 week for tests. the symptoms can be severe or nagging all the time i think i had both. anyways i hope this can help feel free to email me i do have lot of info on this subject

Looking for Panic Anxiety Attack Symptoms? Here’s Panic Anxiety Attack Symptoms information for you!

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September 7th, 2011 at 6:19 pm

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