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Kids Anxiety

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kids anxiety
Can you have your kids taken away from you due to Anxiety / Panic Attacks?

I’m going through an ugly court case, and have no attorney. I’m starting to freak out because the Guardian ad Litem put me in a very negative light due to my Anxiety Attacks. My kids mean the world to me and they have always been my life.
My son’s dad made up a bunch of ugly lies about me and unfortunately everyone believes them. And to make matters worse, now that they’ve learned I have Anxiety Issues, they’ve incorporated that into the case and now it seems he wants to take my kids away due to my anxiety

Can he actually do that? Have parents lost custody of their kids due to a parent having anxiety / Panic Attacks?
Yes Scab, that’s exactly what I mean 😉
I don’t have an attorney. I can’t afford one and am unable to get a “free” attorney since this case is not in the county inwhich I reside.

This behavior has become what is society. The system we have is obviously broken. I have seen many families destroyed at the hands of our superior system. This I cannot help you with.

What I can help you with is the fact that most anxiety dysfunction has been shown to be related to gluten intolerance. I am a rarer form of gluten intolerance that is the physical Definition Of Anxiety. I am the celiac sprue.

Pure scientific and genetic testing in Italy, institituted by Dr. Alessio Fasano who teaches doctors around the world the potentials of food allergen, has found the genetic modifiers of gluten intolerance in nearly 100% of world populace in the HLA DQ2, HLA DQ8 and the HLA DQ1 modifier associated with gluten intolerance and celiac sprue.

The foggy anxiety you are feeling is the result of something called mal absorption. This causes a hormonal reaction that releases adrenalin and cortisol into the system and you can no longer absorb the natural antidote to the food seeking hormones, called serotonin. This means your brain is left in the on switch mode. This is why you are having problems sleeping.

I simple genetic test may show true responsability on your behalf, to the coarts, that you are a caregiver in the fact you have been able to solve the issues surrounding your anxiety “Dysfunction”.

The test you need to ask for by name is very controvercial in the fact that genetic testing is recognized as enough evidence to free or convict anyone, yet it is not accepted through the Practice of medicine as reliable. The reason why they fight genetic testing is the fact it is cheap, it is covered by your insurance company and it takes the word “practice” out of medicine. It is devastating to the wasteful systems that are currently in place that generate wasted trillions of dollars in the USA.

One company that has performed my genetic test and told me what I was eating was inccorrect, is name “Prometheus Labs”. just google the name. The test you want performed is the HLA DQ2 and the HLA DQ8 genetic modifier test for gluten intolerance.

Even if you are feeling unstable, this diet will stabilize your brain whether you believe a simple dietary change can actually help, my family barely recognizes that I have stabilized to the point where I do not have my rage issue or jealousy issue anymore. This diet has literally saved our marriage.

Do you realize the implications of the FDA telling you to eat and feed your child the allergen known responsible for nearly all Mental Disorders? If they tell you they know of these genetic tests performed in Italy, pharmaceutical companies will no longer be able to make money off gluten intolerant issues such as diabetes and autism.

Get the genetic test and show you have a reason to have anxiety, then learn that it will be replaced with the confidence of actaully feeding your brain the nutrients it needs.

My Emails are always open.

If you are gluten intolerant, so is your child, and your child needs to be in a home that has no gluten proteins in it and your diet will be the same as the one that will help your kids focus in school better! Do you see some hope in genetic testing? It costs less than $400 US and is 99.9% accurate. Much cheaper than an attorney!

This may be a ground breaking trial and may be an answer if you find a lawyer that is diagnosed gluten intolerant also! He may be willing to go pro bono! Good luck!

Healthbeat – Kids & Anxiety

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September 8th, 2011 at 10:43 am

Teen Anxiety Symptoms

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If someone has these Symptoms or does these things, what disorder or what would you think it is?

A person I know has had…
-suicidal thoughts
-violent at times and has threatened or said to kill his dad
-has had Panic Attacks
-now refusing to even take showers
…that’s all i can remember that this person has had. what do you think it is, and how can this be helped? by the way, this is a teen. DOCTORS, PLEASE ANSWER! ( but everyone else is welcome to answer too :) )

Oh wow, been there and done that with my son when he was 16. He’s 23 now.

He was diagnosed with Bi-polar 2. That was because he would go through the depressive times and then the rages.

The very best thing you can do for him, even though he may hate you for a while afterwards, is to get help for him. If he is a threat to himself or others that is reason to have him held a minimum of 72 hours where they can at least evaluate him and try to find out what’s going on.

Good luck. Mental Illness is awful both for the person going through it and for those that care about them.

Just to share a ray of hope though, my 23 y/o now is stable, takes his meds and has a pretty normal life. If he hadn’t gotten help (even though he didn’t want it) he may not be here today or he may have gotten himself into a lot of trouble.

Child or Teen Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (Ocd)

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August 14th, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Anxiety Disorder In Kids

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anxiety disorder in kids
Social Anxiety Disorder?

i was reading a magazine one day and there was an article that said could you be living with a disorder and not even know it so i decided to read about it and i read a section about Social Anxiety Disorder and i thought i might have it i took some internet tests and they all said to talk to my doctor its really hard to eat in front of other people even my friends and i hardly ever walk alone because im so afraid people will judge me i tried talking to my parents about it but my dad said things like that and add are just excuses for your kids not growing up right i know that isnt true and my mom never got around to making an appointment to figure it out does anyone know how to get over it or even to know for sure

Yep, sounds like you have that….I do/did too. I was nervous to eat out in public at restaurants and everything! I just made an appt and talked to my doc….I got put on some meds, and am WAY better! YOu REALLY need to encourage your parents to make u an appt. this can last forever if u dont get it treated! Good Luck

Colloquium Series 2011 – Ron Rapee: “Changing the Life Course – Anxiety Disorders in Children”

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