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Bipolar And Anxiety Disorder

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bipolar and anxiety disorder

Know And Understand The Most Common Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

If you regularly exhibit Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, you will be aware of what a devastating impact it can have on your life and for those people you are close to. Unfortunately, the number of people who regularly suffer from anxiety Disorder Symptoms is now at an epidemic level. It is believed that in a country such as the US or the UK, as many as one in ten people suffer from stress or Anxiety Related conditions.

It is natural to feel some amount of worry from time to time, being apprehensive about a job interview or a romantic date is not the same as having full blown anxiety Disorder Symptoms. Left untreated, anxiety disorder symptoms can lead to other, more serious health issues such as Depression And even self harm.

If you are not sure whether you experience real anxiety disorder symptoms, or if you simply have a nervous disposition, it is worth taking a moment to consider what are the tell tale signs. Anxiety disorder symptoms can manifest themselves in a number of ways. One of the most common signs would be a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen which occurs in correlation with a rapid heartbeat and palpitations.

Not everyone that suffers Panic Attacks has the Same Anxiety disorder symptoms. Some people might experience shortness of breath, a tight chest and dizziness. For others anxiety disorder symptoms may also involve an urge to urinate on a constant basis, uncontrolled shaking, a dry mouth, and a serious difficulty in swallowing.

Alongside physical anxiety disorder symptoms there can be psychological signs of a problem. Having difficulty sleeping, being easily irritable, suffering from a lack of concentration, and feeling detached from surroundings can all be a sign of a problem.

It is important to seek professional assistance if you believe you are suffering from a stress related condition. As many people now suffer from anxiety disorder symptoms, there are treatment options available that can be suggested by your doctor which if implemented should allow you to once again lead a normal life free from overwhelming worry. It is worth pointing out that you might want to first try a treatment that does not involve some sort of medication as many medications only mask the symptoms, but never cures the cause…

For many people whose lives are detrimentally affected by a frequent occurrence of anxiety disorder symptoms, there can be the option of undertaking profession counselling sessions.   These kind of treatments might involve Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as being taught calming techniques to lessen the extent on the condition.

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Bipolar & anxiety (vid 1 of 2)

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September 24th, 2011 at 9:55 am

Depression Causes And Symptoms

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Depression cause – joe barry AnxietyAnxiety Disorders Symptoms

Depression cause

If you’re feeling lost when it comes to dealing with your Panic Attacks how do you find your way back home? Back to the place where you feel safe. Do you ask for directions? Maybe look at a map? In any case you have found yourself in unfamiliar surroundings and you need help

Do you suffer from anxiety or Panic Attacks And are looking for a natural cure?

Click here now to see what worked for me >> Natural Cure For Panic Attacks >>

Panic Disorder is a common condition in which a person has episodes of intense fear or anxiety that occur suddenly. Panic attacks can indicate the presence of Panic Disorder depression or other Forms Of Anxiety-based illnesses

During and after your first attack you will often find that family members and friends may be worried for you at first but then being ignorant on the subject they become frustrated and blame you for the condition. Once you yourself understand panic attacks better you can help others learn what is happening to you

You suddenly feel Fear And Anxiety. Your palms are clammy there is tightness in your chest and you cannot breathe properly. ‘Am I having a heart attack?’ you say to yourself. Scary thoughts are racing through your mind and more you think about what is going on the more your fear grows

Panic Attacks are excruciatingly painful conditions to have. Panic attacks also occur while sleeping

When I was suffering from panic attacks I was willing to do just about anything to cure them! Even though panic attacks are not serious or harmful to the body I was very frightened and scared during those experiences. While there are many types of prescription drugs on the market to help relieve the anxiety caused during a Panic Attack the best way I found was

At first she was not willingly to try the technique having visited many renowned doctors that prescribed all manners of antidepressant medications. After much persuasion she agreed to try the technique. It is actually an easy-to-follow technique which completely gave her permanent Cure For Panic Attacks

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Why Do People Get Depressed? Depression Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

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September 24th, 2011 at 12:59 am

Anxiety Depression Treatment

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anxiety depression treatment
In the UK, what treatment have you been offered for Depression Or Anxiety?

Do you think you have been offered enough help? Is there any treatment you want but have been refused?

I had psychotherapy with a pysychiatric nurse for about two years and then, after a six month gap, started group therapy which lasted about two and a half years.

Throughout this time I’ve also had regular appointments with a Psychiatrist. These sessions started in September 2002. At first they were every two weeks, but are now down to every six months. They are broadly based around Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.

I’ve been on anti-depressants for the last five years. The first one was called Fluoxetine (Prozac), then i moved onto Venlafaxine, and now I’m on Mirtazapine. I also took an anti-psychotic called Olanzapine.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. After researching the condtion and the techniques which are used to treat it I asked about Dialectical Behavioual Therapy. I was told that this wasn’t available to me on the NHS.

Aside from the medications and therapies which I have recieved I’ve also been admitted into psychiatric hospital on three occasions.

The Linden Method 16. Anxiety Depression Treatment. Panic Attacks Symptoms. Fear Stress Self Help

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