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General Anxiety Disorder In Children

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general anxiety disorder in children
How do i cope with my general Anxiety Disorder?

I am 28 years old, but I have had general Anxiety Disorder all of my life. It started when I was a child, I would obcess about tornados, even if it was only sprinkling. I am now over those things, but I still worry about everything in my life to the point that I am miserable all the time. It is the worst in the morning. My family chooses to brush my disorder under the rug, they don’t really care about it, and I live with a fiance who basically does the same. He thinks singing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” in my head will fix the way i feel. Does anyone know how to deal with this without a threapist or self-help books? I cannot afford a threapist, or the self-help books, for that matter. I have tried free councling, which has proven to be useless. I want to go on drugs, as this is the only answer I can come up with. Does anyone know of any good medications for my disorder? I just want to be normal.

Actually seeing a counselor or a therapist is perhaps the best option that you should do. If you do not want to do it, then you should find information from the internet to help you. You can try this website, it offers lots of information on Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder In Children and Teens – Get the Help You Need Now

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Depression And Anxiety Treatment Centers

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how to get someone into a treatment center?

my fiance has problems relating to Depression, Anxiety, and now even alcohol abuse. its getting very bad..
none of his family members seem to see how bad his problems are and i have no idea how to help him.
he refuses to go to counseling or to his doctor (he said it didn’t work for him before) nothing i say helps. is there a hotline i can call to discuss this with or anything?? i just don’t know what to do. =[


If you mean treatment for alcohol, he will only go in if he is ready. You can try intervention. You can suggest rehab. A lot of rehabs have duel diagnosis. That means for Depression And alcohol. The two go together most of the time anyway.

I went into rehab for drugs. Here’s what I learned. There is steps or a cycle that a person goes through. Now keep in mind that the Depression And Anxiety are because of the alcohol. The steps are: curiosity, addiction, admitting you have a problem, trying to rehab yourself, relapsing, asking for help, going into rehab and sometimes relapsing…

There are many places that can aid you in your search. First off you need to check out your insurance and see what they will cover. Some have a plan and a list of places they recommend. If not the state usually has place he can be put into. There might be a waiting list. So check out the your county or state programs.

Once you get him into a program make sure you have at least a one year plan. That means long term rehab(3-6 months is the best) then his after care. I believe that therapy and support are the best for after rehab. So find a therapist and a support program, like AA or something like that. At AA he would have a sponsor, someone who went through it and is there for him teaching and talking with him anytime he needs it.

While he is in rehab educate yourself, get into a support group yourself. Talk with other people who have gone through this. They can be there for you when things get tough or cheer you on when things go your way.

It is a tough road and I commend you on sticking with him through this. Just remember this can work out, although there may be some let downs. Remember the steps of recovery. They say relapes is part of recovery.

Feel free to email me anytime.

Take care and don’t give up!


PS. Stay away from a places called NARCONON or NEW LIFEas it is SCIENTOLOGY. They have them all over the world.

Functional Medicine Center – Depression and Anxiety Treatment

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