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Bipolar And Anxiety Disorder

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bipolar and anxiety disorder

Know And Understand The Most Common Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

If you regularly exhibit Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, you will be aware of what a devastating impact it can have on your life and for those people you are close to. Unfortunately, the number of people who regularly suffer from anxiety Disorder Symptoms is now at an epidemic level. It is believed that in a country such as the US or the UK, as many as one in ten people suffer from stress or Anxiety Related conditions.

It is natural to feel some amount of worry from time to time, being apprehensive about a job interview or a romantic date is not the same as having full blown anxiety Disorder Symptoms. Left untreated, anxiety disorder symptoms can lead to other, more serious health issues such as Depression And even self harm.

If you are not sure whether you experience real anxiety disorder symptoms, or if you simply have a nervous disposition, it is worth taking a moment to consider what are the tell tale signs. Anxiety disorder symptoms can manifest themselves in a number of ways. One of the most common signs would be a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen which occurs in correlation with a rapid heartbeat and palpitations.

Not everyone that suffers Panic Attacks has the Same Anxiety disorder symptoms. Some people might experience shortness of breath, a tight chest and dizziness. For others anxiety disorder symptoms may also involve an urge to urinate on a constant basis, uncontrolled shaking, a dry mouth, and a serious difficulty in swallowing.

Alongside physical anxiety disorder symptoms there can be psychological signs of a problem. Having difficulty sleeping, being easily irritable, suffering from a lack of concentration, and feeling detached from surroundings can all be a sign of a problem.

It is important to seek professional assistance if you believe you are suffering from a stress related condition. As many people now suffer from anxiety disorder symptoms, there are treatment options available that can be suggested by your doctor which if implemented should allow you to once again lead a normal life free from overwhelming worry. It is worth pointing out that you might want to first try a treatment that does not involve some sort of medication as many medications only mask the symptoms, but never cures the cause…

For many people whose lives are detrimentally affected by a frequent occurrence of anxiety disorder symptoms, there can be the option of undertaking profession counselling sessions.   These kind of treatments might involve Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as being taught calming techniques to lessen the extent on the condition.

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Bipolar & anxiety (vid 1 of 2)

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Medical Anxiety Disorder

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medical anxiety disorder
medical marijuana & Anxiety Disorder?

I have frequent Anxiety Attacks that have really been affecting my life over this year, due to my family history of severe addiction to prescription drugs I thought it best not to use such medications as Valium. I got a medical marijuana card and the guy at the club said he thought that a Sativa type would be best for my Panic Attacks however, when I tried this it actually caused a horrible attack! Do you really think Sativa is the best type for Panic Attacks? I mean the last thing I want to do when I start to panic is to feel energetic on the contrary I need to be sort of sedated to calm down. Do you think the Indica strain might work better for me or a sort of hybrid between the two?

‘m a little worried now about trying to smoke again.

Does any other medical users know of a type that might work for me?

thank you in advance.

yeah i found u the perfect medication its called super bubba kush ask a doctor or ur supplier these are the effects “effects from this strain are powerful and heavy. The high starts in the face and spreads rapidly towards the rest of the body. Super Bubba puts in a solid day’s work with well over 2 hours of body-numbing effects. Unfortunately, the come down is harsh and abrupt, leaving you almost brain dead for a few hours afterwards.”

Medical Assessment (Social Anxiety Disorder)

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Major Anxiety Disorder

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major anxiety disorder

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms – Don’t be mistaken!

It is widely accepted that, the most common Anxiety Disorder symptom remains frequent and unexpected occurrences of Panic Attacks. This particular symptom is worsened if the Panic Attacks are not tied to any particular event or trigger, thus occurring out of the blue. Moreover this first symptom leads to the second major Anxiety Disorder Symptom which is constant and perpetual worrying about when and where the next Panic Attack would occur. This fretting and worrying in turn leads to the third defining Anxiety Disorder Symptom, i.e. the alteration of one’s behavior to avoid places and situations where one has previously experienced a Panic Attack.

You need to understand that an anxiety disorder is a Mental Illness in which the patient often suffers from repeated Panic Attacks And is a victim of persistent anxiety and/or change of behavior at the thought of having further attacks. An anxiety disorder is a very serious matter since the frequent occurrence of Anxiety Attacks prevents the patient from leading his/her life in a normal manner. As the severity of the anxiety disorder increases, the more the person suffering from it withdraws from society and from his/her social obligations. Hence, the sooner one gets treatment, the easier the whole ordeal becomes. To get treatment through gaining knowledge about the Symptoms of an anxiety disorder is crucial as only when one knows about the symptoms can one have an early diagnosis.

While a panic or Anxiety Attack may last only a few minutes, the effects it has are far reaching; with the memory of the attack permanently imprinted on the victim’s memory. Thinking about the intense panic and terror experienced during the attack can go a long way to completely destroying the victim’s self-confidence.

As a result, people who suffer from a Panic Disorder, tend to exhibit two traits. Firstly, they are a victim of Anticipatory Anxiety i.e. ‘the fear of fear’. In other words, people who have once had an attack, instead of going on with normal life after the attack has subsided, keep fretting and worrying about what the future has in store for them. This in turn leads them to suffer from Phobic Avoidance i.e. the avoidance of any and all situations which are believed by the victim as a causal factor of his/her Panic Disorder. In its more extreme form, Phobic Avoidance can lead to agoraphobia whereby the sufferer avoids all places where he/she might not find an escape route or feel embarrassed if a panic attack was to occur. Thus, the person may stop going out of his/her home to shop, to work, to exercise, and so on and so forth.

Hence, the seriousness of an anxiety disorder is pretty straightforward and obvious. It is for this reason that the Anxiety Disorder Symptoms mentioned here need to be noted and looked out for. As stated before, the sooner the anxiety Disorder Symptoms are detected, the sooner treatment can be sought.

Treatment will usually take the form of medication, Behavioral Therapy, or a combination of the two. Alternatively, one can also try and cut back on things that cause anxiety. One should avoid taking on too much stress by eliminating things in one’s day which cause stress or increase anxiety levels such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Instead, it would be a great idea to make room for a regular exercise plan and make it a habit to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, one should also try and read up on various Relaxation Techniques. These techniques can help one gain control over one’s anxiety levels by allowing a person to induce relaxation as and when he/she pleases.

About the Author

Darren Bardsley is a Panic And Anxiety attack expert. A sufferer himself for the last decade, he has mastered his own disorder and is now sharing his vast knowledge and the secrets to a panic free life. For more detailed anxiety disorder symptom information, or to get our FREE mini-course on “The Secrets to Beating Panic Attacks”, visit

Symptoms Of Depression Depression (Major Depressive Disorder)

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