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Bipolar And Anxiety Disorder

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bipolar and anxiety disorder

Know And Understand The Most Common Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

If you regularly exhibit Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, you will be aware of what a devastating impact it can have on your life and for those people you are close to. Unfortunately, the number of people who regularly suffer from anxiety Disorder Symptoms is now at an epidemic level. It is believed that in a country such as the US or the UK, as many as one in ten people suffer from stress or Anxiety Related conditions.

It is natural to feel some amount of worry from time to time, being apprehensive about a job interview or a romantic date is not the same as having full blown anxiety Disorder Symptoms. Left untreated, anxiety disorder symptoms can lead to other, more serious health issues such as Depression And even self harm.

If you are not sure whether you experience real anxiety disorder symptoms, or if you simply have a nervous disposition, it is worth taking a moment to consider what are the tell tale signs. Anxiety disorder symptoms can manifest themselves in a number of ways. One of the most common signs would be a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen which occurs in correlation with a rapid heartbeat and palpitations.

Not everyone that suffers Panic Attacks has the Same Anxiety disorder symptoms. Some people might experience shortness of breath, a tight chest and dizziness. For others anxiety disorder symptoms may also involve an urge to urinate on a constant basis, uncontrolled shaking, a dry mouth, and a serious difficulty in swallowing.

Alongside physical anxiety disorder symptoms there can be psychological signs of a problem. Having difficulty sleeping, being easily irritable, suffering from a lack of concentration, and feeling detached from surroundings can all be a sign of a problem.

It is important to seek professional assistance if you believe you are suffering from a stress related condition. As many people now suffer from anxiety disorder symptoms, there are treatment options available that can be suggested by your doctor which if implemented should allow you to once again lead a normal life free from overwhelming worry. It is worth pointing out that you might want to first try a treatment that does not involve some sort of medication as many medications only mask the symptoms, but never cures the cause…

For many people whose lives are detrimentally affected by a frequent occurrence of anxiety disorder symptoms, there can be the option of undertaking profession counselling sessions.   These kind of treatments might involve Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as being taught calming techniques to lessen the extent on the condition.

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September 24th, 2011 at 9:55 am

Anxiety Depression Treatment

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anxiety depression treatment
In the UK, what treatment have you been offered for Depression Or Anxiety?

Do you think you have been offered enough help? Is there any treatment you want but have been refused?

I had psychotherapy with a pysychiatric nurse for about two years and then, after a six month gap, started group therapy which lasted about two and a half years.

Throughout this time I’ve also had regular appointments with a Psychiatrist. These sessions started in September 2002. At first they were every two weeks, but are now down to every six months. They are broadly based around Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.

I’ve been on anti-depressants for the last five years. The first one was called Fluoxetine (Prozac), then i moved onto Venlafaxine, and now I’m on Mirtazapine. I also took an anti-psychotic called Olanzapine.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. After researching the condtion and the techniques which are used to treat it I asked about Dialectical Behavioual Therapy. I was told that this wasn’t available to me on the NHS.

Aside from the medications and therapies which I have recieved I’ve also been admitted into psychiatric hospital on three occasions.

The Linden Method 16. Anxiety Depression Treatment. Panic Attacks Symptoms. Fear Stress Self Help

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Anxiety And Relationships

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anxiety and relationships

Overcoming Anxiety in Relationships

When you enter into a new relationship, you are definitely filled with butterflies in your stomach. You want everything to work out perfectly and, you are not sure whether you are doing the right thing or not. Anxiety in relationships is not uncommon and many people find themselves here. There are many things you can do to Overcome Anxiety in relationships. First, you need to understand the real source of the anxiety before you deal with it. Anxiety can come as a result of fear. Fear of not doing things right and even fear of not being the right person for the person you meet. Many times, you will meet a person who really treats your nicely. You might have a wanting background but cannot bring yourself around to telling them. As you proceed with your relationship, you will discover that you are anxious and afraid of what their reaction might be if they really knew you. When you have done questionable things in the past, your conscious has a way of reminding you to repent and even after you do repent, you might not fully get rid of the anxiety.

Anxiety in relationships can also be caused by people who have self esteem issues. If you feel like you are not worth being loved because of how you look, you are suffering from a complex. Also, there are people who are just anxious of the future and afraid because of the unknown. Whatever reason you have, anxiety in relationships can be overcome only by facing your fears. You need to confront your problems so that you can relax and conduct a peaceful relationship. If you feel like you are not pretty enough to impress your partner, it is time to look within and know the person you are. We are capable of being loved no matter what we look like. You need to discover that beauty from within so that you can feel it on the outside. You need to seek professional help and this way; you will be guided on how to love yourself again. Remember, this kind of anxiety can really cost your relationship.

If you did something shameful before, it is no wonder you suffer from anxiety in relationships. For example, a young beautiful girl found a wonderful man whom she fell in love with but, she was always full of anxiety. She would not imagine telling him of the number of abortions she had procured in her life. If you are in a similar position, it is time to forgive yourself. Then, coming clean with the information will help you release the issue. However, you will put your relationship at stake. Your health is more important and saying the truth will avert a possible Depression. You will even be surprised when the person who loves you decides to stick by your side. Anxiety will lead to stress and, Depression is the mother of stress. Therefore, come clean if you want to build lasting relationships; you will definitely lift a load off your chest.

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