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Anxiety Scale

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anxiety scale
Hospital Anxiety And Depression scale (HADS)?

Does anyone know how accurate this questionnaire is? As i had to fill it in when at occupational health the other day and my score was 17 for Anxiety (severe) and 12 for Depression (moderate) Whilst i feel anxious i don’t feel depressed, however i am aware that treatment is more effective when treated early. I was taking antidepressants for over 2 years and stopped only 3 months ago, i am now unsure whether to see my GP or not.

I don’t believe you can put a number on anxiety,you can say its,low,a little higher than before or to the state of deep depression.
If you are worried,go see your doctor and explain everything.
No tablets help non stop full time,they can help at first,maybe about 3 months,then they get used to the body and stop working.
But worry about anything can cause you anxiety,and then a lot of doctors say its depression.
I know that as I was Suffering From Anxiety years ago,and they said its Depression And gave me tablets.
But the best cure is helping yourself.
I live alone,can hardly breath due to lung problems through smoking a lot of years.
But I help myself to cope,yes I get bad days,everyone does.
But helping yourself is like saying I will feel better every day.
Its like that cosmic power I often use.
Posative thoughts make you better,so type out on your computer/laptop.
Every day I feel better.Say or think it 3 or more times a day,and it does tell your brain you want to be happy in every way possible.

Thomas Giles – Hamilton Anxiety Scale

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Test Anxiety Inventory

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test anxiety inventory
Has anyone taken a MMPI at the physiatrist office?

I went to see a physiatrist for Anxiety And Depression. I was prescribed Lexapro, Klonopin and my doctor ordered me to take a MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). Has anyone ever taken one of these and been diagnosed with something other then what they originally went to the doctor for help with? Is this a way for doctors to start labeling me with more conditions then I went for help for? The test was full of weird questions and I don’t know what any of it is going to say about my personality or how they score it.

Yes I took the MMPI while in the prison psyche ward. What a joke. They ask you 45 times what color are your turds. I think whoever designed the test must of had some serious anal issues.

Psychology Careers & Treatments : How to Take a Depression Test

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