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Treatments For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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treatments for obsessive compulsive disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – The brain illness caused to a person

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is also known as Ocd which is considered as one of the Anxiety Disorder. Basically in this problem it disables the brain which changes the behavior and repetitive thoughts of the person who is triggered to it. You may find various Symptoms in this illness where the person gets very scared or fear and also sad due to certain thoughts which they cannot control. The behavior is not controlled which it leads to risk and it also affects the other persons.  Those who are diagnosed to the Obsessive Compulsive disorder they have to perform some compulsive rituals which it helps the thoughts to go away. When this obsession goes away but in some cases it returns back so one has to go again through the rituals.

In Obsessive Compulsive disorder there are two types of main Symptoms one is obsession and other is compulsion, both this symptoms varies from each other if go affected to any one. The most common symptoms you can find in the case of obsession include fear and scariness about particular thing. They mostly get the fear of making any kind of mistakes, dust which contains germs, fear of getting embarrassed in social environment, getting evil thoughts and many more. All this symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are been noticeable if one is diagnosed to it. The other main common symptom is the compulsion in which the person diagnosed faces different symptoms than the obsession one. In this case they make sure they are clean so they have bath repeatedly and also wash hands, to avoid the dust and the germs they don’t shake hands with other people or not even go to unhygienic places which contains dust and germs. In one of the symptom they get confuse whether they have locked the door or not so they check repeatedly. Some times the person diagnosed find problem in delivering words so they mostly stuck or say the word repeatedly and many more.

You can notice many more symptoms depending upon the situation and if the level of symptom increases then one should go for a  check up to doctor to know more about it. Many doctor recommended psychological test for this disorder which will detect whether you are caused to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. So if you notice the above symptoms then a check up to Psychiatrist is necessary. This disorder is not caused only to adults but it does affect children’s and kids, so a proper care is needed in this illness because it affects the brain. Some of then prefer medications like homeopathy and some of then want to cure it in natural way. If this disorder is triggered to any person they are mostly get phobia to particular things, but if this phobia increases then there are changes that one may get mentally ill forever or temporary. Majority of this illness has been found in elder age people. The treatment for this disorder is to go for a stress free management course, yoga or can also indulge in various activities.

About the Author

This article will give you the information on Obsessive Compulsive disorder which is caused due to Stress And Anxiety. It is a brain illness which affects the mind, behavior and thought of a person, so if you are diagnosed to it, it will help you to know more about this illness and also can get the details on the treatment which one should follow to lower the symptoms.

Ocd Help: Treatments For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Anxiety Disorders Treatments

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anxiety disorders treatments
Do Anxiety Disorders have a tendency to skip over generations?

Hello, everyone. Just had a question about this. I myself am a third-year psychology student. I have both generalized Anxiety Disorder and Ocd. However, I receive treatment for both. While talking to a counselor, she asked if anyone else in my family had them. I mentioned I always suspected my paternal grandfather had some Anxiety Disorder, and always had ulcers and consumed tums the way some people consume candy. I had read that they do tend to skip over generations, but I was just wondering if it is really true.

No, there is no genetic/biological reason why an illness would “skip” a generation. Skipping generations does not actually happen, it just sometimes appears that way because of inheritance. Here’s an example, using your own situation. Let’s say your grandfather really did have an anxiety disorder, the way you suspect he did. He marries your grandmother, who does not have anxiety. He passes half of his “anxious” genes to your father, so your father gets half “anxious” genes and half “calm” genes. Your father doesn’t show much anxiety because he doesn’t have two sets of anxious genes.

But now let’s say your mother has one set of anxious genes too, that she got from one of her parents, who might have also had just one set of anxious genes. If both your father and mother gave you their one set of anxious genes, you would end up with 2 sets of anxious genes, and would have an anxiety disorder like your grandfather.

Real genetics is way, way more complicated than that, but I just used that as a very basic example to show why it sometimes appears that disorders skip generations. It doesn’t have anything to do with the genes disappearing temporarily, it’s just a matter of how many genes you inherit that directly impact anxiety, and also the environment you are raised in. Your grandfather may have had a lot of environmental factors that caused his anxiety to develop, whereas your father did not, but you did. That would be another reason why the anxious genes expressed themselves in your grandfather and you, but not your father.

Realistically, it is probably the case that MOST people carry the genes for some kind of Mental Illness, they just don’t have all of the genes necessary to develop a disorder, or they do but they don’t have the environmental factors to set off the disorder. Anxiety Disorders affect up to 1/3 of the population… that is a lot of people carrying around “anxious” genes. You have to assume that with such a high prevalence rate, a sizable proportion of people probably have some sort of mutation or unique set of alleles that make them more prone to anxiety, it’s just a matter of the conditions being right.

I hope that helps!

Changing Anxiety Disorder Treatment Forever

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